November 13, 2019

A digital asset trust network (DATN) by Linius, IBM Aspera & other major industry players.

As media organizations move high-speed workflows into the cloud, they're seeking new protection strategies to secure their assets and avoid content leaks. Blockchain could be the key to enabling new cloud and hybrid workflows for the media and entertainment industry across production, content distribution, monetization and beyond. 

What is a Digital Asset Trust Network?

A DATN is a framework put together by Linius, IBM Aspera and other major industry players to accelerate the deployment of the Media & Entertainment Digital Asset workflows on the cloud, via an underlying trusted network. 

It offers a collection of participants and systems with agreed upon policies; provides a record of actions between parties with transparency into all actions of all participants, by creating a shared, secure, searchable record of all actions by all participants, leading to a faster to do business.

What industry problem does a DATN solve for?

Media and entertainment is moving to the cloud, and currently only 20% of workloads have moved. This evolution to the cloud introduces new questions regarding the pedigree and provenance of the data, and enterprises need ways to secure the exchange of content to avoid leaks and unathorized access.

Tracing and authenticating a digital asset’s lifecycle with traditional methods is time consuming and expensive. Disparate logs and organizations, varying identification schemes, and high settlement times all contribute to this complexity. This makes the analysis and presentation of content history error prone, expensive, and less trustworthy.

What value does a DATN bring?

There is inherent value in building trust and obvious advantages to a trust network. A digital asset trust network is an open source software package that leverages blockchain as a foundation to provide video production and distribution networks with a secure method of tracing supply chains and immutable records of actions between parties. Features such as robust access control and an enterprise-oriented consensus mechanism provide the performance, reliability, and privacy needed by real-world businesses.

What is the role of Linius in this initative? 

Linius is one of the founding members of the initiative. We have been working in partnership with IBM-Aspera and other founding members on developing an industry paper and proof of concept which has now been published.

You can download the pdf of the industry paper here:

Jodi Cutler
Head of Media Marketing Linius
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