About Linius
Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU) has cracked the code that makes hyper-personalized video possible. We transform cumbersome, static video files into dynamic virtual files that can be easily manipulated on-the-fly, delivering an enhanced, custom experience for content creators, distributors and consumers.

Hyper-Personalized Video Solutions

Only Linius can expose the data within video, creating unparalleled value across the internet video industry. It’s a breakthrough set to disrupt entire multi-billion-dollar markets that rely upon or leverage video content.

For the first time, the actual data within video can be searched and programmatically reassembled, revolutionizing the way organizations and individuals across the globe produce, deliver and consume video.

We seek to commercialize our patented Video Virtualization Engine™ through the delivery of our Video Search Solution and hyper-personalized video capabilities, across six core markets:

  1. News & Media
  2. Sports Broadcasters & Rights Holders
  3. Education
  4. Corporate Communications
  5. Security & Defense
  6. Sports Betting

Our SaaS Platform

To scale rapidly, we built our self-service cloud platform, Linius Video Services.

LVS opens video virtualization technology to the world, empowering developer, system integrator and business communities globally to independently leverage video search and hyper-personalization capabilities.

Additional Solutions

Our mission is to make the world’s video accessible as data.

To make that possible, and become the defacto standard for the management and broadcast of video worldwide, we’re developing multiple solution sets with our Video Virtualization Engine™.

Security & Defense

Programmatically analyze and distribute actionable security footage.

Personalized Advertising

Enable traditional broadcasters to deliver hyper-targeted ads for the first time.

The Directors



Chris Richardson

Chris is an accomplished internet video executive with more than 20 years’ experience leading tech companies in the US, Europe and Asia. He has served in managerial roles for several Silicon Valley start-ups including U4EA Wireless and NextHop Technologies. Prior to founding NextHop, Chris helped to build the early internet as a software engineer at MERIT Networks, and was Visiting Professor of Internet Routing at St Petersburg State Technical University in Russia.


Non-Executive Director

Stephen McGovern

Stephen has more than 20 years’ experience as an executive in telecommunications, media sales and pay TV, and is managing director of cloud call recording company Dubber Corporation Ltd [ASX: DUB]. He has led several established companies, both domestically and internationally, which have penetrated new and emerging markets and have required a strong sales and solutions focus.

Executive Chairman

Gerard Bongiorno

Gerard is Principal and Co-CEO of Sapient Capital Partners, a merchant banking operation and has over 25 years of professional experience in capital raisings and corporate advisory. Some of the extensive experience Gerard brings to the Linius Board includes his roles in Challenger Limited (ASX: CGF), a diversified financial services firm, Village Roadshow and KPMG Corporate Finance and his ongoing work as CEO of Sapient, rising capital both in Australia and internationally.