October 26, 2022

Australian Professional Leagues to launch Linius MatchVision for the A-Leagues


  • Leading fan engagement platform, MatchVision to be available to Australian Professional Leagues competitions including A-Leagues.
  • Success from existing MatchVision deployments including Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) of the English Premier League (EPL) and Club Brugge KV of the Belgian Pro League, driving industry attention and market momentum.
  • First deal was signed under an enhanced partnership agreement with Swanbay, which enables Linius to directly sell the MatchVision solution integrated with Linius Video Services (LVS).

The APL is a live-action and digital sports entertainment business that holds the exclusive and perpetual right to operate, market, and commercialise top-tier professional domestic football competitions in Australia. Known collectively as the A-Leagues, they are made up of the Isuzu UTE A-League Men, Liberty A-League Women, A-League Youth, and the E-League. APL’s vision is to unite Australian Football, establishing it as the most entertaining and popular sport by 2030. According to a 2021 report, over 3.6 million Australians support an A-Leagues club1. MatchVision will soon be part of the APL digital ecosystem providing fans with a unique personalised video experience, designed to increase viewer engagement.

The initial deployment will see MatchVision rolled out on the Australian Professional Leagues’ KEEPUP.com.au website and mobile application in the December quarter. It will include current and recent season content from the men’s competition and will be free to use by fans. Future extensions available include women’s competition content, rollout to individual club websites, and Linius Search & Edit software for the curation of content from the A-Leagues deep historical archive.

In its Investor Presentation and Market Update to Shareholders on 26 April 2022, the Company released details of a deeper partnership agreement with Swanbay to enhance go-to-market capabilities globally. This enables Linius to directly sell the MatchVision solution integrated with Linius Video Services (LVS), which has driven a significant increase in the size and velocity of the commercial pipeline for sports. The A-Leagues is the first deployment agreed upon as a result of this new arrangement.

Deployment with the APL is a significant development for Linius.

It validates Linius’ strategy to replicate MatchVision into new markets, leagues, clubs, and broadcasters which is anticipated to be valuable for rights holders around the world to drive engagement and monetisation of their recent and historic video archives. A-Leagues will be the third sport in Australia to deploy Linius’ video solutions and the first league-wide deployment of MatchVision globally. MatchVision is offered via a term license and utilisation model and can be deployed within a few weeks of engagement.

Linius Chief Executive Officer (CEO), James Brennan, said,

“Football is known as 'The World Game' and MatchVision is generating significant increases in fan engagement across existing deployments in Europe, which in turn, is now attracting the attention of the wider sports community. Users watch twice as much video on average and stay on the websites/apps longer, delivering an increase of over 140% in dwell times. We have seen 35% return visitor rates with those visitors watching 6x more videos! This success is now bringing new opportunities, increased deal momentum, and speed to new revenue in multiple sports all over the world. Together with our great partner Swanbay, we anticipate even more success from MatchVision soon.”

MatchVision, provided in partnership with Swanbay and with Linius LVS at its core, is a unique video experience designed to increase fan engagement through personalised video compilations. Fans can choose specific actions from recent matches and create their own personalised highlights by selecting:

  • Stats+ to view all actions aligned to statistics such as goals, penalties, shots, saves, etc.
  • Timeline+ to surface highlights aligned to the match timeline.
  • Player+ to view the actions of favorite players.

Swanbay CEO, Steve O’Meara said,

“We at Swanbay.tv are delighted that the enhanced partnership agreement with Linius is generating opportunities globally in different sports. It will be great to see MatchVision deployed with Australian Professional Leagues, our first outside Europe. With both companies driving MatchVision into different regions we are seeing, and are confident of, even further global expansion.”

Under the terms of the contract with APL, Linius will license the Matchvision product to APL for deployment on the KEEPUP.com.au website and mobile application. The scope of services includes virtualisation and enrichment of all A-Leagues video content, video search and assembly, provision of a responsive user interface, data analytics, and branding customisation.

The deployment is expected to launch in December 2022. The initial term of the contract is 12 months, expiring in October 2023 with rolling one-year renewal terms subject to early termination on 60 days' notice after the first year. The contract also includes customary immediate termination rights.

Fees during the initial term are at a fixed monthly rate with scope for usage-based charges based on the access. The contract also includes provisions for additional charges from further deployment on individual club sites, women’s competition content, historical archive, and the Linius Search & Edit solution, based on Linius standard rates. Revenue to be earned under the contract is dependent on its ultimate duration, take up of the service, and the extent of any expansion of the service offerings into these additional areas.

The agreement is otherwise on terms and conditions customary for an engagement of this nature including confidentiality, protection of intellectual property rights, data protection, and privacy.

This announcement has been authorised for release to ASX by the Linius Board of Directors.

Jodi Cutler
Head of Media Marketing Linius
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