Meet Joe

Linius personalized sports channels allow fans, viewers and subscribers to create and tailor their own, individual TV channel, and watch the sporting moments that matter to them, any time they please.

Meet Joe, he’s a Liverpool fan, so of course he wants all the Liverpool highlights, including the halftime commentary from each match. But also, he wants to see how Liverpool’s rivals are doing; so all the goals, red and yellow cards and incidents from the top eight in the league.

He can even choose to view all the video clips from his favourite player or players; like touches, tackles, crosses, assists, whatever he wants in his own sports channel! And it’s all done automatically, by Linius.

Joe just selects his team, customizes his theme for his channel, and selects his broadcaster. Then his preferences, subscriber information and viewing history automatically sync up to populate his personal channel. He can even link it to his favourite social media platforms to share with his friends. And that’s it; a new home for football, just for him.

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