National Basketball League

To extend the reach of the sport by allowing fans to curate and share their own content, and increase viewer engagement of both existing content archives and the current season’s action.


The Australian Basketball League (NBL) has launched Linius’ personalized channels for its fans, with just 6 simple steps:

  • Step 1 – fans create their own channel at​
  • Step 2 – they name their channel and select their favourite team, or any number of teams​.
  • Step 3 – fans select the players they wish to follow​.
  • Step 4 – they select their preferred actions, such as dunks, blocks, assists and/or steals.
  • ​Step 5 – fans select the type of content they want such as full game replays, player highlights, interviews and or press conferences.
  • ​Step 6 – the channel is instantly assembled and delivered back within seconds, and is continuously populated with refreshed NBL footage, according to their selections.

Linius uses AWS tools to automatically create virtualized videos for the NBL, including Amazon DynamoDB as a fast, scalable NoSQL database and Amazon CloudFront as a secure content delivery network.

Create your own NBL personalized channel at

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