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Organizations collect and disseminate a lot of internal information, with video conferencing platforms aiding this today more than ever before. A significant portion of video meetings are recorded, yet the intelligence and knowledge captured, rarely sees the light of day. Make the most of existing assets and hidden IP in video conferencing platforms with Linius. 

Linius’ self-serve platform, Whizzard, makes recorded video meetings usable for the first time. Whizzard searches across hours of meetings in seconds, and instantly assembles snippets of conversations into personalized playlists for employees to then edit and share with colleagues. Change the way your business collaborates with Whizzard.

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Benefit 1

Optimize employee onboarding

Ensure fresh faces go from newcomer to knowledge-source fast. Enable people to securely search across multiple video archives for the specific topics, phrases or faces they need with Linius’ embeddable Search Widget. Even programmatically deliver topical videos to individuals based on role-type, areas of interest and other criteria.

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Meet Sam

Onboarding Manager

Sam works in the HR department of a large mining and resources company. As Onboarding Manager, it’s his responsibility to ensure new employees find their feet fast. Using Linius, Sam’s company indexes and tags objects in every scene, of every video, throughout its video archives. Sam can proactively push custom introduction videos to new arrivals, specifically tailored to each person’s requirements and attributes – from their specific job roles, departments, office location, skill sets and more.

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Benefit 2

Personalize ongoing learning and development

Foster a continuous approach to professional learning and development, which takes each employee on the path that’s right for them. Support both self-directed learning and the structured execution of career progression plans. Develop new leaders and build a high performance workforce with Linius.

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Meet Alexandria

Director of Succession Planning

Alexandria heads the people strategy team at an international financial services firm. She knows that with the amount of new video produced within her organization, some managers spend up to 20-hours watching and manually scanning through content each week. With Linius, Alexandria automatically delivers hyper-personalized videos – programmatically stitched together from multiple video sources – based on each recipients’ area of responsibility, professional development plan and past video consumption patterns. Thanks to her, the executive team see what they need to in order to perform at an optimal level – now, and in the future.

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Benefit 3

Improve and measure employee engagement

Does your internal comms scream click me or skip me? Engaging employees with great content is crucial. But, only 16% of companies can satisfactorily measure the effectiveness of internal communications campaigns (Ruder-Finn). Deliver immersive hyper-targeted video content, and know exactly who’s watched what, with Linius.

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Meet Brad

Internal Communications Manager

Brad’s company just launched a new product. It’s his job to ensure employees from every corner of the business understand the product benefits that relate to their roles. With Linius hyper-personalized video experiences, Brad seamlessly segments and delivers relevant video walk-throughs to each department – from features and functionality, to marketplace positioning, competitive differentiators and more. What’s more, he can see that Allison and Rod from Pre Sales haven’t watched their tailored videos. Brad knows they need to watch the video to meet compliance standards. He sends them a reminder.

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Benefit 4

Boost customer satisfaction

Engaged and well-skilled employees lead to happy, satisfied customers. Equip your workforce with hyper-personalized video content that engenders excellence and impacts client sentiment. Companies that deliver stand-out customer experiences have 1.5 times more engaged employees compared with companies that deliver poor customer experience (Temkin Group Employee Engagement Benchmark Study).

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Meet Lauren

Director of Customer Success

Lauren works for a global CPU manufacturer and distributor. She’s spent the last year working with the IT and HR departments to deliver a program of hyper-personalized video content to individuals in customer-facing roles throughout the company. Since rolling-out the Linius-powered employee learning and engagement program, customer churn rates have never been lower, and their Net Promoter Score never higher. Lauren is a very happy lady.

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Benefit 5

Get value from your video archives

Your organization spends a lot of time and resources recording, storing and producing video content – from meetings to company updates. So it’s vital you extract value from your video assets. Instantly assemble and playback video clips from across your archives with Linius’ Video Search Solution.

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Meet Tom

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Tom works for a retail bank. He compiles video packages discussing market trends and analysis for high net worth clients. Before Linius, Tom spent hours every week manually searching through different video archives, submitting IT help requests, and waiting for in-house video experts to compile the right clips. Now, he independently identifies, stitches together and shares hyper-personalized video experiences with his clients. Tom just loves Linius’ AI-enabled granular video search and assembly capabilities.

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