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In recent years there has been a huge shift taking place in the education sector from exam-oriented learning to a personalized and interactive learning approach. Enrich the learning experience and drive greater student satisfaction, retention and graduation rates with Linius’ personalised video solutions.

Enrich student experiences to support the delivery of student-centric education, increase student engagement and satisfaction, retention and graduation rates, whilst working within current learning management systems (LMS’s).

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Benefit 1

Drive student engagement

Students spend hours combing through recorded lectures, just to find small nuggets of information. Linius flips that experience on its head. Empower students to search and find any object – from text, to audio and even facial recognition – across any video source. Turn hours of pain into instant gain.

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Meet Jackie

A nursing student

Jackie’s preparing for her final exams. Administering medication was discussed throughout the course, and Jackie knows she’ll be tested on it. With Linius, she can instantly search across her university’s entire catalogue of recorded lectures for mentions of ‘required dosage’. Relevant clips are automatically stitched together on-the-fly, delivered as one custom video. Jackie can prepare with confidence – minus the stress and all-nighters.

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Benefit 2

Enable tailored teaching

Teaching to large groups is always challenging. With Linius, it’s easy to create one-to-one learning experiences. Inspire your lecturers and tutors to deliver tailored learning at its finest. Generate strong student engagement and achieve better academic outcomes.

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Meet Ken

Physics Professor

Ken knows that some of his students are struggling with Projectile Motion and Relative Velocity concepts. But, he also knows a colleague of his delivered an excellent series of lectures a few years ago. Using Linius’ video virtualization and search technology, Ken immediately finds and compiles related video snippets. He shares the custom compilation with selected students. Ken, and they, can now breathe a little easier.

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Benefit 3

Increase student enrolments

Higher education is an increasingly competitive market. If students can’t quickly imagine campus life suiting their needs, they’ll look elsewhere. And, parents want to know their investment is well spent. Make it easy for your student acquisition team with Linius. Become a destination institution – from across the nation and abroad.

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Meet Allan

Student Acquisition Coordinator

Before Linius, Allan spent days manually scouring over 10,000 hours of footage every week. Now, he programmatically searches across many video archives, instantly pinpointing the faces, places and scenes he needs. In minutes, he’s sent out custom videos to high achieving applicants: Great solos from top-performing music students go to aspiring musicians, footage of study clubs to parents, and highlights from mock-trials to law applicants.

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Benefit 4

Facilitate outstanding research

It’s no secret that university’s build reputations by publishing leading research. But, conducting ground-breaking studies often relies on detailed analysis and comparison of data points. This process was painstakingly slow and fraught with human error – until now. Automatically count, analyze and compare elements within video content using Linius.

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Meet Amy and Shaun

University academics

Amy is lead on a top cancer research program at her university, while Shaun is head of media studies. Amy needs to compile and review videos on subject behavioral traits after treatments and compare against similar archival footage. With Linius, she performs the same analysis in less than half the time, reduces costs and is closer to a cure. Meanwhile, Shaun performs sentiment analysis – comparing coverage of Donald Trump across multiple news networks to determine media bias – with unparalleled speed, accuracy and detail.

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Benefit 5

Slash video costs and protect content

Enormous time and effort goes into producing, managing and delivering traditional video files. Some university faculty and staff produce over two terabytes of video files every week. Protect your video assets and dramatically reduce video production costs with Linius.

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Meet Anette

IT and Digital Assets Coordinator

Anette works in the digital assets and infrastructure team at an international business school. Before Linius, Anette spent her days manually tagging videos with high-level keywords and trawling through entire video catalogues to meet requests for content. Searching and locating source videos was a repetitive nightmare. Now, AI-enhanced video search makes any objective automatically searchable – from faces to phrases, scenes and sentiments. Anette can instantly find and stitch together relevant clips on-the-fly, producing completely customized videos fast. And, because the videos are virtualized, they’re safe from unauthorized duplication or viewing.

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