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Are you a news broadcaster or publisher? Then your world is about to be transformed. For the first time, you can provide every viewer with a hyper-personalized newsfeed. It’s the single biggest change in news video delivery – ever. And it’s only possible with Linius.

Imagine the impact on your business: Massively increase subscription and ad revenue, achieve one-to-one consumer segmentation and insight, and deliver promotions that always land. And, do all that while reducing video production costs by up to 80%.

What are the benefits?

Linius’ revolutionary Video Virtualization Engine™ and Video Search Solution are transforming the multi-billion-dollar news media industry, making personalized news-as-a-service a reality.

Benefit 1

Engage and attract viewers

Finding new ways to beat rivals is paramount for today’s news providers. Win and keep more viewers by letting them independently search your video archives to create their own hyper-personalized news experiences.

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Meet Jack

News video consumer

Jack used to bounce from one news provider to another. Now he keeps coming back to the same one, because they embedded Linius’ Search Widget in their website and apps. Jack can proactively search the broadcaster’s video assets for mentions of the topics, people and places that matter to him. In fact, he’s just finished seamlessly stitching together all the coverage of the Foo Fighters’ recent tour into one ready-to-go playlist.

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Benefit 2

Drive subscription revenue

Easily develop new subscription and revenue models. Programmatically push tailored newsfeeds to premium subscribers, based on defined preferences, or even past behaviors and viewing habits. Give each of your viewers exactly what they want. Seamlessly deliver an infinite number of streams with Linius.

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Meet Sarah

Premium news video subscriber

Sarah is an avid consumer of online news video, and has signed-up for her favorite broadcaster’s premium news-as-a-service product. Logging-in to any device, she’s immediately greeted with news videos on Donald Trump, earthquakes in southeast Asia and Ronaldo’s left boot – the things she cares about most. Sarah gladly parts with $10 per month for a hyper-personalized news stream, specifically tailored to her interests.

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Benefit 3

Attain granular consumption insights

Know who is watching what and when. Match AI, behavioral and granular consumption data to achieve unparalleled audience analytics, segmentation, targeting and engagement. Create and deliver hyper-personalized content, promotions, and premium ad space that reaches the right people at the right time – always.

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Meet Alice

Head of Programming

Alice is Head of Programming at a large cable news network. With Linius, she knows precisely what each viewer has been watching, down to an iframe level, and adjusts programming accordingly. Sarah’s well-informed programming decisions boost ratings, subscriber numbers and revenue. Her colleagues use the same granular audience insights to demonstrate advertising ROI and charge premiums for hyper-targeted ad space.

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Benefit 4

Increase the value of content rights

Do you provide video content to news broadcasters, publishers and corporate clients? Significantly enhance its value by integrating video virtualization and video search capabilities into your existing workflows. Deliver hyper-personalized content that always resonates with your clients’ audience.

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Meet Andrew

Director of Media Distribution

Andrew works at an international news agency. He knows that licensing newsfeeds and video packages plays a critical role in generating revenue and offsetting production costs. With Linius, Andrew can easily customize content to the exact specifications his clients require, delivering any number of personalized news streams. Not only can he charge more for this hyper-targeted content, he reduces production costs on both sides of the fence.

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Benefit 5

Slash video production and delivery costs

Newsrooms and news production are expensive. Dramatically reduce video production costs with Linius’ AI-enhanced Video Search Solution. Produce custom video content quickly and efficiently. And, eliminate infrastructure strain with Linius’ virtualized video – never move full, bulky video files around your network again.

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Meet Ben

Video Production Engineer

Ben works in video production at a major broadcaster. He dynamically searches across multiple video streams or archives, stitching together relevant clips on-the-fly, to produce a completely customized video. In mere moments, it’s ready for further editing, sharing or instant playback. For Ben, manually trawling through full, inflexible video files is a thing of the past.

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