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In this time of extreme security threats, Linius lets you leverage enhanced security and video surveillance that borders on omniscience.

Now, you can track suspects or criminal actors on-the-move, in real-time, by splicing together multiple video surveillance streams from disparate sources to create a seamless singular video. Prior to any acts, you can target, index and red flag suspicious activities for alert. After the fact, you can track targets as they move from camera-to-camera. In both cases, you can distribute the virtual file and real-time video stream to relevant agencies.

What are the benefits?

Linius’ revolutionary Video Virtualization Engine™ and Video Search Solution give security, defense and intelligence agencies the instant insights needed to detect and neutralize threats.

Benefit 1

Automatic composition and distribution of actionable intelligence

Editing, compositing and rendering video takes time – something intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies don’t have. Linius cuts through unnecessary portions of video, instantly stitching together relevant segments into one seamless video stream. Once assembled, you can programmatically distribute related footage according to any business rule. Deliver actionable intelligence to the right people faster than ever before. Evolve from reactive analysis to preventative action with Linius.

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Scenario 1:

Enabling authorities to act, not just react

Many security and intelligence bodies still rely on human analysis, video editing and distribution. By the time that manual process is complete, an incident may have occurred. With Linius, authorities like ASIO can automatically compile vital insights in milliseconds; not days. Notify appropriate response teams to stop a terrorist attack before it happens.

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Benefit 2

Seamless integration with sources and systems

Connect the dots by automatically detecting related activities, objects or incidents from an infinite number of video streams and archives. Flag a person for suspicious activity, then submit a search for archived footage of the same individual. Immediately identify any other instance in which the person of interest has appeared across any video archives – even footage from different systems in separate locations and agencies. Now that’s high-impact, real-time intelligence sharing. And, because Linius is AI and analyst toolbox agnostic, it easily integrates with government approved solutions like Darknet/YOLO, Caffe and Tenserflow.

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Scenario 2:

Instant contextual insights

The FBI uncovers a lengthy video made by a terrorist organization that may be planning an attack in Washington. With Linius, they can programmatically search the video against existing business rules and archival video footage from multiple databases. An individual in the new video is already flagged as a person of interest in the CIA video-base. Linius detects this without moving the video data from its secure location. A SWAT team is immediately dispatched to the individual’s last known address. The terror plot is foiled.

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Benefit 3

Secure video search and distribution guaranteed

When it comes to sensitive security information, confidentiality isn’t a luxury; it’s a must. Linius converts static video files into interactive virtual video, exposing the data within. From there, that data can be enhanced with intelligent business rules, ensuring footage can only be accessed, searched and delivered to authorized personnel. And, because a virtual video contains no actual AV data – as opposed to traditional, self-contained source files – there is no content to steal and disseminate.

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