Hyper-Personalized Video for Sports Betting


Smash revenue targets with deep audience insights and custom content

The sports betting industry is ultra competitive. Data-based insights are critical for finding an edge. Unlock the data within your static video files for the first time with Linius. Make hyper-granular video search, content and analysis your secret weapon.

The potential paybacks are transformative: Boost member engagement with hyper-personalized video services, dramatically increase subscription revenue, attain rich audience insights, generate new business opportunities and slash video production costs.

What are the benefits?

Linius’ revolutionary Video Virtualization Engine™ and Video Search Solution are delivering sports betting agencies unprecedented audience segmentation, insights and hyper-granular content delivery capabilities.

Benefit 1

Boost engagement with world-leading research tools

The longer punters spend logged into your site or apps, the more likely they are to place a bet. Keep members coming back for more with previously unseen video-based research tools that significantly enhance user experience and increase the likelihood of wagering.

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Meet Steve

A betting platform member

Steve loves horse racing. He follows the form guide religiously and watches races live, streamed through his favorite betting platform. With Linius’ Search Widget, Steve can indulge his interest and conduct thorough research. Today is a wet day, with races run across a 1.25 mile course. Steve quickly investigates the form of one particular horse and jockey combination he’s had his eye on. Hyper-granular video search technology empowers him to stitch together footage he wants: The final 100 meters from all races in which the two have ridden together, in wet conditions, over 1.25 miles across the last six months. The results are in, and Steve is feeling confident.

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Benefit 2

Dramatically increase subscription revenue

Offer hyper-personalized video streams to subscribers as a premium service. Programmatically push tailored content to each individual, based on their specific interests or past viewing patterns. For the first time, you can provide members with a video feed of the sporting moments that matter to them, on any device or aperture.

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Meet Rachel

A premium betting platform member

Like Steve, Rachel is a big horse racing fan (see above use case). She also watches a lot of races live through the same betting platform. However, Rachel is a busy woman. So keeping up-to-date with the latest results can be hard. But there’s a solution: Rachel’s premium subscription means she receives custom video content, tailored to her specific criteria. Rachel selects 10 particular horses and 3 jockeys. Each time these horses or jockeys compete, Linius programmatically compiles and sends her a video showing the first 30 seconds and last 50 meters of each race – because that’s exactly what Rachel wants.

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Benefit 3

Attain granular consumption data

For the first time, see precisely who is watching what and when. Because Linius virtual video is streamed as data, you can obtain granular analytics on every subscriber’s viewing behavior. Combine AI-generated metadata with frame-level video consumption data to optimize and target betting offers.

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Meet Alex

Head of Data Science at a major sports betting company

Alex is excited. For the first time, he and his team can analyze video as data – just as they’ve done with other forms of information for years. Alex can pinpoint exactly which elements of different sporting codes appeal to specific demographics by correlating subscriber information with frame-level viewership data. He knows those hyper-granular insights are worth millions in product and promotion optimizations.

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Benefit 4

Deliver hyper-targeted promotions

Proactively push individually targeted promotions to every subscriber, based on what they’ve watched and researched. Seamlessly deliver one-to-one advertising to punters, at exactly the right moment, to boost betting frequency.

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Meet Tyrone

A premium betting platform member

Tyrone loves the completely customized sporting experience he pays for through his sports betting platform. Logging into Tyrone’s Channel, he sees the precise video content he’s requested. He also automatically receives promotions, matched precisely to his viewing patterns and betting habits, just before related games are due to start. For Tyrone, the best odds on his favorite sports are only ever a click away.

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Benefit 5

Develop new products and business models

The ability to generate one-to-one video content and consumption analytics exposes a world of new business opportunities. Even resell the capabilities, content and audience insights downstream to other betting organizations and app providers.

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Meet Catarina

Commercial Director at a major sports betting company

Catarina works with Alex at the same gambling platform (see Benefit 3 use case). Alex has exposed myriad new opportunities through analyzing the video consumption habits of their subscribers. It’s Catarina’s job to bring new products and services to market based on those insights. The opportunities are game changing: From offering tailored tools and video analysis services to sporting professionals; a clippings service to media organizations; or analytics-as-a-service to other gambling bodies and sports sponsors.

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