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Are you a broadcaster, rights holder or publisher of digital sports video? Then your world is about to be transformed. For the first time, you can provide every viewer with a hyper-personalized video feed of the sporting moments that matter to them. It’s the single biggest change in video delivery, production and consumption for sport – ever. And it’s only possible with Linius.

Know what every viewer wants to watch and programmatically deliver that experience to them; every time: Massively increase subscription and ad revenue, achieve one-to-one consumer segmentation and insight, and deliver promotions that always land. And, do all that while reducing video production costs by up to 80%.

What are the benefits?

Linius’ revolutionary Video Virtualization Engine™ and Video Search Solution are transforming the multi-billion-dollar sports media industry, making personalized sports-as-a-service a reality.

Benefit 1

Engage and attract viewers

When it comes to watching sport, consumers are spoiled for choice. Boost audience numbers and keep them coming back for more with Linius. Empower viewers to independently create and watch their own highlights packages on-the-fly; from across your video archives.

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Meet Nick

Sports enthusiast

Nick’s a fan of many sports – pretty much anything involving a ball. He’s known as a religious channel surfer and app hopper. But not anymore. One of his favorite sports networks just embedded Linius’ Search Widget across their digital platforms. Nick can independently search across the broadcaster’s entire video library, creating his own hyper-personalized sports feed – from Tiger Woods’ birdies at Augusta, to Russell Martin’s latest home-runs for the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Benefit 2

Drive subscription revenue

Easily develop new subscription and revenue models. Programmatically push tailored sportsfeeds to premium subscribers, based on defined preferences, or past behaviors and viewing habits. Give each of your viewers exactly what they want. Seamlessly deliver an infinite number of streams with Linius.

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Meet David

Sports-as-a-service subscriber

David is a sports fanatic. He has an account with his preferred sportscaster. Logging-in from any device, David is immediately greeted with the sports content he has requested: Custom highlights packages from Saturday’s Bundesliga action in Germany, the final two overs from England’s latest T20 cricket match, and every three-pointer Steph Curry made in the past week. David’s more than happy to pay $10 per month for his very own hyper-personalized sports experience.

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Benefit 3

Attain granular consumption insights

Know who is watching what and when. Match AI, behavioral and granular consumption data to achieve unparalleled audience analytics, segmentation, targeting and engagement. Create and deliver hyper-personalized content, promotions, and premium ad space that reaches the right people at the right time – always.

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Meet Jeffrey

Head of Content

Jeffrey is Head of Content at a large cable sports network. With Linius, he knows precisely what each viewer has been watching, down to an iframe level, and adjusts programming accordingly. Jeffrey’s well-informed programming decisions boost ratings, subscriber numbers and revenue.

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Benefit 4

Slash video production costs

Producing sports packages and highlights is expensive. Dramatically reduce video production costs with Linius’ AI-enhanced Video Search Solution. Produce custom video content quickly and efficiently.

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Meet Lisa

Video Production Engineer

Lisa works in video production at a major broadcaster. She is creating a Ronaldo documentary and wants to search the archive for moments where his teammates did not celebrate his goals with him. This type of task used to take days. Now, it takes minutes. Lisa dynamically searches across multiple video streams or catalogues, stitching together relevant clips on-the-fly, to produce a completely customized video.

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Benefit 5

Increase the value of content rights

Are you a content rights holder? Increase the value of broadcast agreements by millions, offering bidders the ability to tailor content to the specific profile of their viewers. Even deploy the Linius Search Widget on any web platform, empowering fans to instantly find, pull together and play any video content from across multiple sources.

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Meet Ralph

CEO of a major sporting league

Ralph is the CEO of a large European football league. He is negotiating content rights with a broadcaster. Last year, Ralph sold regional content rights to that broadcaster for $1bn. This year, with Linius’ Video Search Solution, he’s selling hyper-personalized content rights for $1.3bn. Same broadcaster. Same region. Much more money.

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