Hyper-Personalized Video Solutions

No two streams need ever be the same again

Be empowered to instantly search the data within your video, and programmatically assemble the ultra-granular results, for the first time. Imagine the possibilities. Effortlessly give every viewer the exact video content they want in milliseconds – delivered as a single video ready for immediate playback on any web-enabled device or platform. No human hands required.

Don’t waste another moment manually trawling through inflexible video files and losing your audience or revenue opportunities to inadequate video content. Transform your business with hyper-personalized video experiences only possible with Linius.

Hyper-Personalized Video Solutions

Hyper-Personalization in 2 Ways

Linius’ world-first Video Search Solution, powered by its patented Video Virtualization EngineTM, delivers hyper-personalized videos in two ways.

Self Service

Instantly search for any object, across any number of video sources, and immediately playback the content that matches your search results with the Linius embeddable Search Widget.

Automated Delivery

Automatically push search results into existing video workflows, or programmatically deliver an infinite number of streams to individuals, based on consumption preferences or behavior.

Solutions by Market Sector

Linius video virtualization and search technology can be applied to video across any industry or business function, redefining video-rich markets across the globe.

News & Media

Massively increase subscription revenue, achieve unparalleled consumer segmentation, and slash video production costs. Change the way you produce, deliver and share video content forever with Linius. Automatically deliver hyper-personalized news-as-a-service.


Unleash the power of your growing teaching, research and business video archives with video search and hyper-personalized content capabilities. Drive stronger academic results, increase enrolment demand, student engagement, and boost revenue.

Corporate Communications

Dramatically boost the utility of your video archives, employee engagement, efficiency and performance. Quickly deliver hyper-targeted video content that cuts through the noise – all while reducing video production costs.


Drastically increase the value of your video content and broadcast agreements with new premium subscription services. Provide every viewer with a hyper-personalized video feed of the sporting moments that matter to them.

Security & Defense

Detect suspicious activities and intervene before an incident occurs. Instantly splice together and send related alerts to analysts and law enforcement agencies – from an infinite number of disparate streams.

Sports Betting

Know exactly who is watching what and when. Leverage granular sports video consumption data to increase subscriber engagement, optimize betting offers, and drive multiple new sources of revenue through unparalleled audience insights.

How does it work?

Linius’ Video Virtualization EngineTM has cracked the code that makes dynamic video search and hyper-personalization a reality.

Linius converts cumbersome, static legacy video into agile, interactive, virtual video. Creating that virtual video file is like splitting the atom of traditional video, unleashing the tremendous potential locked within. With that virtual file in hand, you can access its digital DNA on a molecular level. Tag, index, parse, splice, manage and manipulate video data on-the-fly, in transit between source and screen.


Unlock your data

Transform traditional, static video files into flexible blocks of data.


Create a virtual file

Index data to create a virtual video file – a fraction of one percent of the original file size.


Enrich the data

Apply AI, third-party data or other business rules to make any video element searchable.


Search for anything

Search your video content – for any object, across multiple sources – down to an iframe level.


Reassemble on-the-fly

Watch hyper-personalized video, instantly reassembled at the point of playback.

Transform your world with hyper-personalized video

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