April 15, 2020

Key terms and financial impact of LiveTiles partnership with Linius

The below aims to provide the market additional information regarding the announcement released today on the ASX: LiveTiles partners with Linius

Key terms of the partnership agreement are as follows:

  • the agreement is for a one year period, with automatic renewals subject to written notice
  • from either party;
  • the respective companies will:
    • jointly pursue sales and marketing initiatives to grow each party’s respective business; and
    • develop a Live Tiles-powered user interface for Linius’ hyper-personalized video service, including integrating LiveTiles’ Intelligent Workplace software and Linius’ hyper-personalized video service;
  • There are no conditions precedent in the agreement;
  • The solution with be priced on a cost per user per month basis in line with Microsoft and Livetiles existing pricing structures;
  • The pricing is yet to be determined at this point in time, however there are likely to be different pricing tiers and associated functionality available. The Linius and Livetiles team are currently finalising the marketing planning and pricing; and
  • Commercial success and revenue will depend on the take up of the product. The financial impact can't be quantified at this point in time.

Linius will actively advise the market of take up and financial impact as part of our ongoing disclosures to the market.
Authorised by the Chairman

Jodi Cutler
Head of Media Marketing Linius
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