June 5, 2017

Linius Appoints Kevin Kyer As EVP, Search

Linius Technologies Update

Linius Appoints Kevin Kyer As EVP, Search

Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) (Linius) is building on its recent momentum with the hire of former Yahoo director, Kevin Kyer, as the company’s Executive Vice President of its Search Division. Kyer will head one of Linius’ four core industry divisions in its mission to revolutionize and unlock the vast potential of video content through its innovative concept of video virtualization.

As EVP, Search, Kyer will lead all commercial activity for Linius’ patented Video Virtualization Engine™ across a broad spectrum of industries in which hyper-personalized video search results can unlock a tremendous untapped potential for both enterprises and consumers.

The ground-breaking capability of granular, frame-by-frame, search identification of video content, along with the ability to deliver it in personalized formats, promises to introduce a bold new era of video search, with Kyer at the helm.

Kyer’s scope will go well beyond established, search-engine giants like Google. The Search Division will also target social media companies that are increasingly focused on video, and traditional enterprises with large, latent video catalogs that they struggle to exhume, share and monetize, such as news agencies and TV stations.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Kevin to the Linius family,” says Chris Richardson, Linius’ CEO. ““Kevin not only has deep personal connections in the industry, he’s a well-proven and experienced start-up executive who can both forge deals going forward and build a solid business underneath them.”

Kyer joins Linius from ListGlobally, where he was COO for the software start-up that took its product to market in over 60 countries around the world with over 120 local partners. Prior to ListGlobally, he spent 10 years in various rolls at Yahoo, including Director, Stream Ads Solutions, EMEA, and Director, Search Operations, EMEA.

“I’m joining Linius’ executive team at a great point — an inflection point, both for the company and for the industry as a whole. Internet video already represents almost 80% of internet traffic, and it’s quadrupling every five years. Meanwhile, social-media is driving expectations for instant, hyper-personalized information. There’s a huge market demand, and Linius is in the driver’s seat when it comes to capitalizing on that.”
About Linius Technologies Limited
Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) is set to revolutionize the world of video. The Linius Video Virtualization Engine™ has cracked the code of content intelligence and created the next evolution of video streaming.

Linius transforms cumbersome, static video files into agile, dynamic files that can be easily manipulated on the fly, in order to deliver an enhanced, custom experience for both broadcasters and end-users in any way imaginable, and some as yet to be imagined.

Linius has the potential to transform many market sectors, and is initially focused on:

1. Delivering personalized advertising solutions for broadcasters
2. Video security and reduced piracy
3. Enhancing search engine monetization
4. Security-service applications

Linius’ patented Video Virtualization Engine™ cuts costs and boost revenues across the multi-billion dollar video industry.

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