December 14, 2017

Linius Integration with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

Linius Integration with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft, Amazon and IBM are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence

Linius’ VVE is the missing link to the monetization of Artificial Intelligence

New York — December 14, 2017 — Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) today announced the integration of Microsoft’s suite of Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Services for video with its core offering, the Video Virtualization Engine™ (VVE).

For the first time, users will be able to search within videos and instantaneously return only the relevant parts of a video, or videos, stitched together into a personalized search result. This is standard practice with text based search.  Only Linius can do this with video.

In line with Linius’ strategy of integrating with MSFT, AWS and IBM cloud providers, Linius is fast tracking it’s integration with global leaders in Artificial Intelligence.

Video accounts for nearly 80% of internet traffic. Microsoft, Amazon and IBM are investing heavily in artificial intelligence tools, which analyze the content of videos and append rich data to the video file.

Linius owns video virtualization and is the missing link to the monetization of Artificial Intelligence.  By partnering with Artificial Intelligence providers Linius transforms video search. The technology is applicable across many multi-billion dollar markets including sports, entertainment, education and corporate communications.

“Artificial Intelligence providers are a key path to market for Linius. We have a unique capability that provides a clear return against the big players investment in AI” commented Linius CEO, Chris Richardson, “Imagine being able to search for all of the goals by your favorite football player and have your video search return instantaneously compiled, from multiple videos, with those goals in it.  Only Linius can do this.”

The integration is being facilitated by Magenic, a leading business technology consulting firm based in the US.


About Linius Technologies Limited:

Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) has invented and patented the Video Virtualization Engine™  (VVE), which is available on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM BlueMix.

Amazon, Microsoft and IBM are investing billions in virtualizing video services (technologies) and artificial intelligence in the cloud. It is arguably the biggest battle on the internet, given that video accounts for nearly 80 percent of internet traffic.

Only Linius can expose the data that makes up the video file, making cumbersome video as flexible as all other forms of data. Accessing the data within the video file is the missing link for video cloud service providers, creating unparalleled value across the internet video industry.

Linius has the potential to transform many multi-billion dollar markets, and is initially focused on:

  • Anti-Piracy: Applying proven data protection methods to video to solve piracy
  • Search: Search within videos and compile new videos on the fly
  • Security and Defense: Intelligent search and immediate distribution of security footage
  • Personalized Advertising: Hyper personalized to individuals, timeslots and content

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