October 8, 2019

Linius launches commercialization of its Sports Club Solution in Australia and Europe.


  • Essendon Football Club (EFC) has become the first AFL Club to sign up to the Linius Sports Club Solution.
  • The Linius Sports Club Solution focuses on delivering operational and commercial benefits for a sporting organisation’s proprietary media content.
  • Swanbay, a leading video platform provider and Linius distribution partner in Europe, are rolling out the solution to sports clubs across Europe.
  • Swanbay have completed the integration of Linius’ personalization technology into their Global Content Distribution Platform (GCDP).
  • Linius will commence recognising revenue from these deals in the December 2019 quarter.

Melbourne, Australia – October 08, 2019: Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU) – the only cloud-based solution that transforms static video into hyper-personalized video experiences with its world-first Video Virtualization Engine™ (VVE) – has entered into a License Agreement with Essendon Football Club as the first customer of the Linius Sports Club Solution.

Linius has also appointed SwanBay as a distribution partner in Europe, home of some of the world’s largest sporting organisations.

The Linius Sports Club Solution delivers a range of services to Sports Clubs:

  • Player Development & Coaching - the ability to search and assemble a video of any player, across any video assets including 3rd party sources from training and scouting on the fly;
  • Club Member Subscription - members will be able to personalize all video content available from their Club by creating their own hyper-personalized videos, providing a subscription-based hyper-personalized club channel;
  • Fan Engagement - fans will be able to follow their team and favourite players in a way they’ve never been able to before, providing new marketing and revenue opportunities not previously available;
  • Media Editing - browser based editing and clipping tools reduce the cost and time associated with traditional video editing; finds relevant content faster, scans and enriches all video with new metadata and tags, all on the fly with no human hands required;
  • Archives - video archives can be monetized by exposing the data within video, then enriching it with AI-driven metadata, creating hyper-personalized experiences from previously archived content; 
  • Press Releases - breaking news on players, the captain, the team or the club can be released quicker than ever before, providing hyper-personalized news feeds from video files within seconds.

Linius CEO, Chris Richardson, commented on the Sports Club Solution:

“These partnerships and other POCs currently in scope across our key markets commercially validate the technology and enable us to roll it out globally with partners such as Swanbay. We are thrilled to be working alongside Essendon Football Club and equally as thrilled that Swanbay has made the investment to roll it out through Europe. Linius’ Sports Club Solution is applicable and replicable to all clubs and leagues - soccer, basketball, rugby, netball and hockey just to name a few”.

Swanbay CEO, Steve O’Meara, commented: “We believe we are the first platform globally to offer simple plug and play access to the Linius technology. By integrating Linius into our GCDP we have enhanced their service by creating a ground-breaking platform enabling Content & License Owners access to our full suite of services and to deliver it to all video enabled connected devices globally. This will be a fan and follower “game changer” in the way they consume sports content and we are working with a number of clubs, brands and associations globally to roll this out”.

The agreement is a rolling SaaS licence with pricing set at Linius’ standard pricing. Revenue will be dependent on the take-up of the service.

About Essendon Football Club

Essendon Football Club, formed in 1872 and nicknamed the Bombers, is a professional Australian rules football club that plays in the Australian Football League, the sport's premier competition. They are now the first Australian Football Club with the capability of using the Linius technology and delivering hyper-personalized video experiences.

About Swanbay

Swanbay.tv are a digital content & engagement company. They have developed a Global Content Distribution Platform (GCDP) which enables their partners to maximise revenues, audiences and engagement for video and digital content globally. They provide a gateway to exploit video content on the GCDP by simple plug and play access to Linius technology, ensuring 100% device compatibility and optimised user experiences.

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 Watch Linius CEO, Chris Richardson and Swanbay CEO, Steve O’Meara talk about the new partnership.


Jodi Cutler
Head of Media Marketing Linius
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