March 18, 2021

Linius Market Update Weblink

Melbourne, Australia – 18 March 2021: Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU) (Linius) – the only cloudbased solution that transforms static video into hyper-personalized video experiences with its world-first Video Virtualization Engine™ (VVE) – is pleased to provide access to the recording of the market update provided on 17 March 2021.

For access to the full presentation (click here) and recording of the webinar (click here).

The webinar was scheduled to coincide with events which demonstrate significant steps forward along the Company’s commercialisation strategy and illustrate commercial applications which substantially enhance the video and media user experience, underpinned by Linius’ world-first technologies.

The key elements of the webinar include:

  • Linius revenues are growing as our technology is now in market and we are deploying repeatable solutions.
  • Linius has won substantial anchor clients in targeted customer segments – Sports and Enterprise.
  • Linius has launched “WHIZZARD” & “mySPORTStv” products, which are built using the LVS platform, can be easily consumed and branded creating wide ranging revenue opportunities.
  • Linius is supporting and enabling partners to build their own applications on Linius Video Services (LVS) in parallel to building our own; current deployed examples being Grafa and
  • The usage uplift illustrates how personalization of sports media grows user engagement.
  • Linius’ focus has moved from selling technology to demonstrating revenue generating applications.


  • Swanbay is an international media and technology company which provides web & mobile services for Content Owners, Advertisers and Mobile Operators across the world.
  • Swanbay have built their own app on Linius Video Services (LVS), which delivers new revenue streams for Linius.
  • SwanBay has deployed the application into their first English Premier League Club, Wolverhampton
  • Wanderers FC showing encouraging result.
  • Strong usage data from Wolverhampton Wanderers FC deployment.
  • Established a partnership with IMG, a global leader in sports content and event management in over 30 countries.
  • IMG promoting Swanbay’s technology, built on LVS


  • Linius’ productized sports solution, branded mySPORTStv, is able to be deployed to new clients within 4 weeks with minimal client resources required.
  • National Basketball League (NBL) has deployed mySPORTStv, providing a ground breaking experience for its fans and generating new revenues for Linius.
  • Pricing is via a SaaS ‘per-user-per month’ plus ‘data pack’ model which encourages easy adoption with expansive additional consumption revenues.
  • The Company has reached a commercial agreement with the NBL whereby the NBL will assist with distribution of the solution to other basketball leagues globally.
  • Following the launch of the NBL solution, the Company’s sales pipeline can now be accelerated and will expand into additional sports.


  • Platform is developing quickly, with small wins and a sales pipeline filling quickly.
  • Integrated with the top video conference platforms.
  • Self-serve platform is in development which will be integrated into various marketplaces.
  • Awareness and lead-generation marketing campaigns live.
  • Moving through the sales pipeline and in deployment stages – positive market reaction.
  • Working on education integrations including Canvas, Schoolbox, K-12.
  • Consultant in market with industry expertise and global contacts.
  • Going on Zoom and WebEx market places to follow the service being “self-serve”.
  • Engaged with re-sellers of edutech in ME and UK markets.
  • Linius partner LiveTiles is heavily focused in this sector, tasked to drive student adoption and social influence amongst universities.

This announcement has been authorised for release to ASX by the Linius Board of Directors.


Jodi Cutler
Head of Media Marketing Linius
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