December 1, 2017

Linius Named Among 50 Smartest Companies by The Silicon Review

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 30, 2017– Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU), We are thrilled to share that The Silicon Review Magazine has named us among the 50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2017.

The Silicon Review is the world’s most trusted online and print community for business & technology professionals. The 50 Smartest Companies of the Year program recognizes dynamic companies that are creating innovative, groundbreaking solutions and making significant contributions in business and technology.

The Silicon Review 50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2017 program identifies companies that mastered the discipline of smartness and stood high among the crowd,” said Sreshtha Banerjee, Editor-in-Chief of The Silicon Review. The publication has selected Linius Technologies Limited based on its impressive innovation and domain influence.”

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 About Linius Technologies Limited

Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) is set to revolutionize the world of video. The Linius Video Virtualization Engine™ (VVE) has cracked the code of content intelligence and created the next evolution of video streaming.

Linius transforms cumbersome, static video files into agile, dynamic files that can be easily manipulated on the fly, in order to deliver an enhanced, custom experience for both broadcasters and end-users in any way imaginable, and some as yet to be imagined.

Linius has the potential to transform many market sectors, and is initially focused on:

  1. Delivering personalized advertising solutions for broadcasters
  2. Video security and reduced piracy
  3. Enhancing search engine monetization
  4. Security-service applications

Linius’ patented Video Virtualization Engine™ cuts costs and boost revenues across the multi-billion dollar video industry.

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Chris Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Linius Technologies Limited

T: +61 3 8680 2317

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