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We announced in September 2019 that we had partnered with to deliver a range of virtual video experiences to viewers. We are now thrilled to announce that has officially launched the first stage release of the project, which they have named Replay Hub.

The primary objective of the first stage was to integrate the Linius Video Virtualisation technology into Sitecore, the web content management of‘s website. With this Integration now complete, all of’s individual video content has been converted to configurable and immediately query-able as big data for the first time.

Both Linius and are excited to get this stage-one live and in-action for the Spring Racing Carnival, and even more excited to commence work on the subsequent stages that will see an even greater, more personalized user experience for the lovers of racing.

Following is a little more detail on the scope that was involved in stage one, and if you click here you can try it out for yourself!

Stage One Scope:

1. Content Virtualization

  • Securely accessed all existing video content from’s Video Content Management System
  • Virtualised all existing video content using LVS (Linius Video Services) API’s
  • Enabled the service to virtualise all incoming and new content and changes to any existing content

2. Data Enrichment

  • Enriched all video content with multiple internal sources of data i.e. metadata from Brightcove and Sitecore
  • Enriched all video content with AI
  • This data enrichment allows content filtering and search

3. User Interface Search & Assembly

  • Based on the user experience research a “Replay Hub” Interface is built. This interface is new responsive web and works well on all iOS and Android mobile, tablets and desktops
  • Applied data analytics and reporting on the replay hub
  • This UI now contains the following elements & features:
  • Keyword Search (search for horse by name)
  • Ability to query within the video based on all the available metadata
  • Search Filters
    • Track name
    • Track distances
    • Race Conditions
    • Race Classes

If you would like any further information or to talk to us about personalized TV in your space, simply email us at

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