November 2, 2016


SuitcaseTV to Explore Market Impact of Linius Software on Broadcasters, Media Publishers

  • SuitcaseTV is award-winning technology leader in the broadcast and media industries
  • Showcase deployment to validate additional market opportunity
  • Fast-path to commercialization

Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU) (Linius) and Suitcase TV Limited (SuitcaseTV) have entered into a showcase agreement for Suitcase TV to demonstrate the capabilities of the Linius Video Virtualization Engine™.

As part of this agreement, Linius and SuitcaseTV will work together to quantify the impact that the Linius Video Virtualization Engine™ has on the traditional broadcast market and identify the breadth of potential commercial opportunities for both companies. SuitcaseTV is a technology leader in bringing Internet video solutions to traditional TV broadcasters, including the ability to live stream across IP networks, and store and repurpose media assets, for which it has won highly acclaimed industry recognition*.

The showcase comes as a result of Linius’ recent participation at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam where it was able to engage with industry leaders and introduce them to the Linius technology suite.

Linius’ Video Virtualization Engine™ has the ability to personalize video streams. When combined with SuitcaseTV’s media storage and repurposing software, it is expected to open new market opportunities for the giant libraries that media publishers possess but which currently are difficult and expensive to use. Additionally, SuitcaseTV and Linius will be exploring applications of the Video Virtualization Engine™ in off-site production, such as sporting events and reportage.

Chris Richardson, Chief Executive Officer of Linius, said:

“We are pleased to extend our group of Showcase Partners to include SuitcaseTV. As with all showcase partnerships, the goal is to work with the best companies in the industry to validate market opportunities and extend product capabilities. This was a great outcome for us from the recent IBC event, as it represents yet another giant market opportunity for the Linius technology.”

Fraser Jardine, Commercial Director of SuitcaseTV, said:

“Linius’ technology has the potential to be truly groundbreaking, and we see multiple areas where we believe it can augment our already award-winning MediaStor and iphrame Remote products. We can’t wait to get it into the labs and validate the impact we believe it will have on broadcasters and media publishers.”

The target market for a joint Linius and SuitcaseTV solution includes major broadcast networks, such as ABC and the BBC; the over 1,700 local TV stations in the US alone**, that are under growing pressure to move to digital; and major media publishers such as AP and Reuters. Upon completion of the showcase, Linius and SuitcaseTV expect to quickly move to commercialization.


About Linius Technologies Limited

Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU) is a developer of disruptive video technology. Based in Melbourne, Australia, it seeks to apply its lead product — the Linius Video Virtualization Engine™ — throughout the global digital video value chain to cut costs and boost revenues for enterprise customers.

Although potentially applicable throughout the digital video value chain, Linius is currently pursing technology showcase partnerships with three multibillion-dollar industry segments: the transcoding, delivery and personalised advertising markets.

As showcase deployment progresses to confirm the software’s capabilities, Linius will market these achievements to potential partners through the digital video value chain to fast-track commercialisation.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Rod North

Media Relations

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* SuitcaseTV was a finalist for the 2016 IABM Game Changer Award, the 2016 TVB Awards for Live Sports Broadcast, and was the winner of the 2015 IABM Design and Innovation Award

** The US Federal Communications Commission updates numbers quarterly, and there were 1,778 TV stations in the US as of 30 September, 2016:


Jodi Cutler
Head of Media Marketing Linius
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