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The revolution in streaming video starts here
Linius Technologies Limited has cracked the code of content intelligence and created the next evolution of video streaming. We transform cumbersome, static video files into agile, dynamic files that can be easily manipulated on the fly, in order to deliver an enhanced, custom experience for both broadcasters and end-users in any way imaginable, and some as yet to be imagined.



Linius is poised to turn the world of streaming video inside out, disrupting industries across the spectrum in the process.
This might sound like hyperbole, but our solution does something that is both unprecedented and transformational— providing unparalleled ability to control and manipulate the existing content of streaming video files.

The latest research from Cisco states:
“By 2019, the world’s internet traffic will exceed 180 billion gigabytes per month. More than 80% of that traffic will be video.”

Imagine if you had the power to manipulate all that content between source and destination. Imagine if you had the ability to index, tag, extract, parse, splice, manage and control all of that video content directly online before delivering it to the end user… in transit and on the fly.

Linius allows you to do exactly that. We call it Content Intelligence. 

Until now, traditional video files were singular, self-contained assets; their formats impenetrable and their contents imperceptible. Our patented Video Virtualization Engine™ converts these static video assets video into agile, interactive virtual files. This conversion is like splitting the atom of traditional video, unleashing the tremendous potential locked within.

That revolutionary potential to create hyperpersonalized custom experiences, open new revenue channels, disrupt industries, enable innovation and gain competitive advantage is as endless as the Internet itself.

Our vertical focus

From personalized TV advertising and video content searches, to enhanced security and more robust piracy protection — just for starters — our intelligent content solutions are turning established and entrenched industries on their heads with revolutionary new capabilities.

Personalised Advertising

For the first time ever Linius Personalised Advertising allows Cable TV advertising to be personalised for each individual viewer just like Internet-targeted ads.

Market Size
Over US$70 billion in 2016 in the US alone.

Linius demonstrated the capability to shareholders on November 23, 2016 which can be seen on the website.


Linius Search enhances the quality and value of search results.

Market Size
Approximately 30 search engine providers (SEPs) across hundreds of thousands of video websites, ranging from Google to specific search engines designed for niche interest websites. Revenues in the 100’s of billions of dollars.

By stitching video together on the fly, Linius provides SEPs a unique video and enhanced search capabilities to attract users and advertisers.


Linius Content Security is focused on reducing global piracy and securing revenues for content owners.

Market Size
> Global Box office revenue of US$38 billion per annum
> Piracy costs the sector US$6.7 billion in ticket sales alone
> The video industry loses much more beyond box office revenues

Linius provides multiple ways of reducing piracy and offers content owners revolutionary control of their content, measurement methods, as well as new revenue generating methodologies.

Security & Defence

The Linius Security Service division provides capability that dramatically increases response times for government agencies and corporations tasked with surveillance and threat management.

Market Size
Video surveillance to reach US$ 71 billion by 2022.

Linius facilitates the immediate distribution of relevant video surveillance content into designated workflows, i.e. to security and government agencies.

Company Information

Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU) is a developer of disruptive video technology. Linius is commercialising its patented Video Virtualization Engine™ to distribute its tremendous potential to cut costs and boost revenues across the multi-billion dollar video industry.

The Directors



Chris Richardson

Chris is an accomplished internet video executive with more than 20 years’ experience leading tech companies in the US, Europe and Asia. He has served in managerial roles for several Silicon Valley start-ups including U4EA Wireless and NextHop Technologies. Prior to founding NextHop, Chris helped to build the early internet as a software engineer at MERIT Networks, and was Visiting Professor of Internet Routing at St Petersburg State Technical University in Russia.



Stephen McGovern

Stephen has more than 20 years’ experience as an executive in telecommunications, media sales and pay TV, and is managing director of cloud call recording company Dubber Corporation Ltd [ASX: DUB]. He has led several established companies, both domestically and internationally, which have penetrated new and emerging markets and have required a strong sales and solutions focus.

Non-Executive Director

Gerard Bongiorno

Gerard is Principal and Co-CEO of Sapient Capital Partners, a merchant banking operation and has over 25 years of professional experience in capital raisings and corporate advisory. Some of the extensive experience Gerard brings to the Linius Board includes his roles in Challenger Limited (ASX: CGF), a diversified financial services firm, Village Roadshow and KPMG Corporate Finance and his ongoing work as CEO of Sapient, rising capital both in Australia and internationally.

Video Content

Linius Overview

Linius’ Video Virtualization Engine™ converts cumbersome, static legacy video into agile, interactive, virtual video. Creating that virtual video file is like splitting the atom of traditional video, unleashing the tremendous potential locked within. Tag, index, parse, splice, manage and manipulate video data on-the-fly, in transit between source and screen.

Linius Video Blockchain Webinar

Linius has successfully demonstrated its world-first virtual video blockchain prototype in a live webinar. The Linius Video Blockchain has the potential to transform the entire world of video production and distribution, especially in the media and entertainment industry. For the first time, content owners can have complete control and visibility over video distribution and access.

Investor Presentations

For an update on our strategic developments, please see our latest investor’s presentation. It provides information on:

  • Linius has invented, patented, invested and built the assets we are now rolling out commercially
  • How we’re making the world’s video accessible as data
  • Poised to scale commercially through our technology, partners and patents
  • Providing personalized sports experiences, starting with soccer and rolling out into other sports
  • How we are personalizing our other core verticals, including Corporate Communications, News, Security and Defense and Education
  • VdoChain – our video on the blockchain
  • Our SaaS revenue model and how we charge clients

Financial Reports

Quarterly Report

March 2019

Half Year Report

December 2018

Quarterly Report

December 2018

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