Senior Java Software Engineer

Senior Java Software Engineer

Senior Java Software Engineer 150 150 Chris Young

We are looking for a Senior Java Software Engineer to join a new team working on Linius’s Virtual Video SaaS platform.  We offer a competitive salary plus equity. 

About Linius 

Linius is the creator of Virtual Video – a new way of distributing and consuming video on the internet.  Linius makes it possible to create videos that could not have been made before.  We do this by assembling videos from a variety of sources on the fly using enrichment data from AI and other sources combined with business rules and audience data. 

We are a startup working with customers in News, Sport and Entertainment to use this technology to make unique personalised content offerings. 

We are an international company with people based in Australia, the US and Europe. 

About the role 

Linius is first and foremost an API first SaaS platform.  This means most of our engineering work is the development and operation of our web services and their APIs. 

Our web services are written in Java 8 and deployed to AWS for public use.  We also deploy these services on-prem and in private cloud deployments to IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure.   

For our AWS public deployment, we make use of a range of AWS services including Lambda, RDS, EC2 Autoscaling and Elastic Container Service.  We aim to use the best tools to support both the development and operation of our software including Swagger, Jenkins, BlazeMeter, Elastic Search, Grafana, Kibana and Terraform. If you’re missing any of these but you’ve got that feeling this is the job for you, we’d encourage you to still apply. 

The role would suit someone with experience of building web scale SaaS platforms in Java. Experience with video would be a bonus but is not essential.  For the senior role we’re looking for someone who can mentor and support their junior colleagues. 

We’re building a new team and we want you to be part of setting that team up for success.  A team is first and foremost a group of people.  We want to create a culture and environment where people thrive and want to do their best.  We’ll be looking to you to help make Linius engineering a beacon for this, both in the organisation and in the wider technical community. 

We are remote first, using tools like Slack, Realtime Board, Zoom and Document Cameras to enable distributed collaboration.  You’ll get WeWork membership and we will meet up in person regularly. 

We want this team to be diverse by design.  This means we are actively recruiting for an equal gender split in the team.  We don’t want to create a team of brogrammers. 

You’ll be working with video, with our API first web services, integrations with machine learning providers and with our Systems Integration partners as they build innovative solutions across many different industries. 

We don’t divide responsibility for development and operation of our platform, the team takes responsibility for the code they create all the way through to it operating successfully in production.  Our regional sales engineers provide first line support to our customers but if something breaks on the platform and engineering need to fix it we are the ones that get the call.  

This is a full time (approx. 40 hours/week), hours are flexible within the bounds of mutually-agreed core hours and regular meetings. We’re constantly evolving this and would be more than happy to discuss any constraints you have around working hours. By the same token, as an international company and that means being flexible around availability for calls with people in different time zones. 

For example, the VP of Engineering often fits his working day around picking up and dropping off his kids to/from school but also joins a weekly sales call one evening a week. 

You’ll be working with the teams in other parts of the world as well as with your local colleagues in commercial and pre-sales as we win new business and continue to delight our existing customers. 

Engineering is product led and informed by customer need.  We build quality in, putting specification and testing at the heart of our practice.  We use a kanban / continuous flow model for development.  If it moves, we monitor it.  If you have to do it more than twice, we automate it.  We encourage pairing and are making Test Driven Development (TDD) a foundational practice. 

We make learning a first-class citizen, we provide a training budget, we bring in external experts to coach us and we work together to keep improving all aspects of our technology and practice.  We encourage people to be active in the tech community, to write and to speak at conferences and meetups. 

Application Process 

If you like the sound of any of these roles please email our recruitment partner John Bennewith –

He will organise a phone interview with us which is usually followed by a technical test. The technical test can be done either as a take away or as part of and face to face meeting in Central London.  Following this we will meet again face to face and you’ll have the opportunity to meet more members of the company both in person and remote. 

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Working Hours : 09:00 – 19:00
Address : 44 Oxford Street, London, UK 22004
Phone : +380 22 333 555