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Linius' Blockchain Video Services (BVS).
Video distribution is a problem for all content creators. Major distributors decide what viewers will pay for content, and desperation is now driving a proliferation of VOD platforms.

Linius' Blockchain Video Services (BVS) makes content king again by putting the monetization and control back in the hands of video creators, through an open, neutral, distributed network.

It's all powered by Linius' world-first and globally patented video-virtualization technology, and made possible with our patented content blockchain which, when combined with virtual video or audio, allows storage and retrieval of virtual videos in a block chain.

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Use cases

Streamers can earn twelve-times as much with BVS, as they can with YouTube. The typical range for a YouTube streamer is $2,000–5,000 for a video with 1 million views. A YouTube streamer at the high end of the range, earning $4.08 CPM, would earn $22,823.52 over a twenty-week period.

A comparable streamer on BVS could net $6.78 per ad view, assuming 70% margin, plus they can add additional monetization options. If 1.5% of 1,500,000 subscribers paid $3/month (and again the streamer netted 70%), he or she would make $236,250 over the same 20-week period.

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Indy film makers

The independent film business has always been hard. Yet with the rapid decline of the physical media industry, the closing of art-house theaters, and the rise in piracy, it’s getting even harder. From 1999–2018 only 3.4% of American Indy films were profitable (Digital TV Research Privacy Report).

BVS gives Indy producers a platform where they can get paid immediately, get the lion’s share of revenue and control their own business model — ad funded, pay-per-view, rent and/or own.

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As major distributors decide what people will pay, and essentially own the viewer, studios are moving more towards a ‘tent-pole’ model where most of their revenue comes from ancillary sales beyond the box-office receipts. There is a desperate need for change, hence the proliferation of VOD platforms, yet customers are not prepared to pay for so many different subscriptions.

In addition, piracy costs U.S. film and television up to $71 billion per year! (USPTO). BVS gives ownership of the audience to the studios, without the overhead of running their own VOD, and provides natural market tools to combat piracy.

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a great way to monetize provenance — that is, to monetize the fact that one owns the original of something — but how do you monetize the underlying asset?

BVS can tie copies and derivatives of an original back to the owned NFT, enabling rights-holders to monetize the actual asset, not just proof of ownership. Moreover, future revenues are directly tied to the NFT, which can, itself, be onsold, enabling a whole new asset class and source of income.

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What are 
the benefits?
Linius' world-first video-virtualization technology allows proof of ownership and transaction in the untrusted environment of the open Internet, allowing individuals to compete to provide video-distribution services.
Increased Revenue Share
Increased Revenue Share
Today, content creators earn at most 30% of the
revenue generated by their content. Linius' Blockchain
Video Services (BVS) provides two key technological
solutions which increases revenue share to 70-90%.
New Revenue Streams​
New Revenue Streams​
Today, content creators are locked into the
monetization model of the platform. BVS provides
content creators with entirely new revenue steams,
including NFT derivatives, viral sharing fees, sponsorship
marketplaces and competitions.​
Immediate Payment​
Immediate Payment​
Today, a content creator can wait up to 18 months to get
paid, while everyone takes their share. BVS ensures
content creators get paid instantly, every time someone
watches the content.
Visibility and Control​
Visibility and Control​
Today, the distributors have all of the data. BVS allows
the content creator to see and control each individual
who watches their content.
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