Easily surface hidden IP locked away in recorded video meetings.

Today, more people than ever before are using platforms such as Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams for video meetings. A significant proportion of these are recorded, yet the intelligence, the learnings and all the knowledge that is shared, is rarely re-surfaced or shared.

Linius’ video conferencing solution, Whizzard, surfaces that intel and hidden IP that would have otherwise been left behind in the meeting, making the recordings actually usable, for the very first time. It’s all through the power of Linius’ Video Virtualization Engine (VVE), the world’s first and globally patented data-driven video technology.

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Use cases
Meet Sam, an Onboarding Manager

Sam works in the HR department of a large mining and resources company. As Onboarding Manager, it’s his responsibility to ensure new employees find their feet fast. With Linius, Sam’s company indexes and tags objects in every scene, of every video, throughout its video archives. Sam can proactively push custom introduction videos to new arrivals, specifically tailored to each person’s requirements and attributes – from their specific job roles, departments, office location, skill sets and more.

Meet Alexandria, a Director of Succession Planning

Alexandria heads the people strategy team at an international financial services firm. She knows that with the amount of new video produced within her organization, some managers spend up to 20-hours watching and manually scanning through content each week. With Linius, Alexandria automatically delivers hyper-personalized videos – programmatically stitched together from multiple video sources – based on each recipients’ area of responsibility, professional development plan and past video consumption patterns.

Meet Lauren, a Director of Customer Success

Lauren works for a global CPU manufacturer and distributor. She’s spent the last year working with the IT and HR departments to deliver a program of hyper-personalized video content to individuals in customer-facing roles throughout the company. Since rolling out Linius, customer churn rates, customer churn rates have never been lower, and their Net Promoter Score never higher.

Meet Brad, an Internal Communications Manager

Brad’s company just launched a new product. It’s his job to ensure employees from every corner of the business understand the product benefits that relate to their roles. With Linius, Brad seamlessly segments, Brad seamlessly segments and delivers relevant video walk-throughs to each department – from features and functionality, to marketplace positioning, competitive differentiators and more. What’s more, he can see that Allison and Rod from Pre Sales haven’t watched their tailored videos.

What are 
the benefits?
Linius’ world first video virtualization technology is revolutionizing how companies make use of the business intelligence that is recorded and stored within their video conferencing platforms.
employee engagement
Increase employee engagement and collaboration of existing business IP ​
According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch video than to read documents, emails or web articles. Whizzard empowers employees to create their own video playlists from existing IP and then share with colleagues.​
business sharing knowledge assets
Increase innovation across the business through the sharing of knowledge assets​
The sharing of knowledge is paramount to driving organizational innovation. In fact, Microsoft built their Microsoft Academy to increase the speed and convenience of knowledge sharing to drive innovation.​
employee confidence
Increase employee confidence, well-being and individual productivity ​
The ability to re-cap, re-fresh or re-learn from previous recorded meetings within a few seconds, means employees can simply do their job better, and feel more confident in the knowledge at hand.​
save employees time
Save employees time, in turn saving the organization’s bottom line
Remember taking notes with a pen and paper, to then re-type to share meeting minutes or highlights with your team and colleagues? Whizzard allows employees to pin-point exact conversations in seconds, add to a playlist and then share instantly.
increase compliance
Increase compliance and security measures ​
Redacting sensitive information from recorded meetings helps organizational risk mitigation, as does the ability to surface compliance concerns or breaches of company policies, of particular use to HR, Legal, Compliance and Risk teams.​
Our partners 
in Business​
Linius integrates with the world’s leading video conferencing platforms and partners with the word’s biggest cloud services and computing science providers.​
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