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meetings to life with 

Whizzard by Linius unlocks the hidden IP and intelligence that is left behind in your recorded Zoom meetings, making them usable and sharable for the very first time.

Once accessed by Whizzard, Zoom recordings are exposed within the platform as raw data, to enable automatic enrichment of the content by world-leading AI tools.

The enriched video clips are then automatically assembled and stitched together on-the-fly, into new playlists ready to be shared with colleagues and team mates.

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with up to 1000 minutes of your own recorded Zoom video content.
How does 
Whizzard work?
Wizard enables your team to make the most of your online collaboration, by connecting to your Zoom cloud recordings and building a single searchable, personalized video library.
After you’ve been to and successfully entered your credentials to create your Whizzard account, Whizzard will connect to your Zoom cloud recording account and begin importing its stored recordings.
Once your videos have been imported, a click on the search icon allows you to start exploring your Whizzard video library and search within and across those videos by transcripts, and refine by subject, presenter and date-range.
If there’s a clip you’d like to edit before adding to a playlist, in edit mode you can drag the handles in the timeline bar to adjust the clip’s start and end times, capturing only the moments that matter to you.
Once you’ve captured your important moments, a click on the plus icon below the video thumbnail will add your clip to a playlist, where you will be prompted for a new or existing playlist. You can also view your playlist collection here.
To share a playlist with a colleague, click the share icon to copy a shareable URL to your clipboard, and copy across your preferred collaboration platform. Here you can also click on the “shared with me” link, to see a list of all the playlists your colleagues have shared with you.
How much does 
Whizzard cost?
Whizzard is available as a 7-day free trial, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan. You can subscribe to a standard plan for only $4 per user per month and purchase one of the following data packs to import*.
Data Pack
1,000 minutes $50
5,000 minutes $250
10,000 minutes $490
50,000 minutes $2,470
100,000 minutes $4,970
Datapack minutes include audio transcription and additional searchable metadata. Please contact us for enterprise pricing.
AIIA Technology 
Platform Solution of 
the Year

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) iAwards is Australia’s longest-running innovation recognition program, promoting excellence in the Australian digital ecosystem from the likes of Google Maps, Atlassian and Wotif. Whizzard by Linius was announced the AIIA VIC 2021 Technology Platform Solution of the Year. Read more here.

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