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Ever wish you could skip to the moments that matter in your meetings? And tune out the jargon and parts that aren’t relevant to you? Or capture those important discussions to share with your team without having to on-share the whole Zoom recording and waste everybody’s time playing it back? Well now you can, with the magic of Whizzard.

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How does 
Whizzard work?
Unlike other video search tools that provide a playlist back to watch, Whizzard can deep-dive into an infinite number of meetings and search across different days, times, presenters, and topics, and re-assemble those moments that matter into one custom highlights video. It’s hyper-personalized search and assembly, and that’s the magic of Whizzard.
Discover your videos

After you’ve been to and created a new account, Whizzard will connect to your Zoom cloud account, discover your recordings and import them, making them available for enrichment.

Zoom Integration
Whizzard transcription
Enrich with transcription and other AI/ML
Whizzard will then enrich your content with additional metadata using transcription and advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enhance the searchability of your videos.
Search at frame level
A click on the search icon will then enable you to search within and across those videos with frame-level granularity - by transcripts, date, presenter, and title - and find those meeting moments that matter.
Whizzard search
Whizzard custom compilations
Create & curate custom compilations
You can now choose and edit the clips to create custom video compilations in a matter of seconds. And during playback, you can even dive deeper into each clip to get more context, re-edit and save another compilation.
Share with colleagues
You can quickly and easily share your searches and compilations with your colleagues, with a simple click of a link. Here you can also view a list of playlists your colleagues have shared with you.
Whizzard share
Whizzard unlimited compilations
Access unlimited compilations
As your new video compilations are virtual files and a fraction of the size of a standard video, you can access an unlimited amount of custom compilations at any time.
Use cases
Whizzard adds values across multiple industries and job functions, ranging from Sales and Account Management, HR and Internal Comms, Events and Marketing, and Finance - just to name a few.
meet Alison
Account Manager

Alison is an Account Manager who wants to collect the most recent client feedback from her Zoom meetings, to share with her team.

meet Brendan
Internal Comms Manager

Brendan works in HR and is responsible for distributing the highlights and moments that matter from the CEO’s speeches, with all staff.

meet Sarah
Events Manager

Sarah is a Marketing and Events Manager who is looking to extend the life of her hybrid event, and create video compilations to share with attendees and prospects.

meet Richard
Finance Manager

Richard is a Finance Manager and is looking to find cost-cutting initiatives shared by different divisions across the organization, to share with the CEO.

How do companies 
use Whizzard?
Whizzard can find the moments that matter in any recorded Zoom session, from meetings and webinars through to virtual events and workshops, and then re-assemble those results into one custom compilation for you to share.
pin-point exactly who said what in any recorded meeting, share with colleagues instantly and increase engagement.
recall those interesting facts you heard in a webinar within seconds, without having to listen to the full session again.
virtual events
Virtual Events
event managers can boost engagement of their hybrid event content, and share personalised videos post the event.
extract topics discussed in workshops to create tailored playlists as follow-up activities.
internal communications
Internal Communications
distributing relevant pieces of information to teams drives efficiency and saves people time.
Learning and development
Learning & Development
re-cap, re-fresh or re-learn from any recorded session, and share with teams and colleagues.
How much does 
Whizzard cost?
Whizzard is available as a 7-day free trial, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan. You can subscribe to a standard plan for only $4 per user per month and purchase one of the following data packs to import*.
Data Pack
1,000 minutes $50
5,000 minutes $250
10,000 minutes $500
50,000 minutes $2,500
100,000 minutes $5,000
Datapack minutes include audio transcription and additional searchable metadata. Please contact us for enterprise pricing.
AIIA Technology 
Platform Solution of 
the Year
The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) iAwards is Australia’s longest-running innovation recognition program, promoting excellence in the Australian digital ecosystem from the likes of Google Maps, Atlassian and Wotif. Whizzard by Linius was announced the AIIA VIC 2021 Technology Platform Solution of the Year. Read more here.
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