Enrich the learning experience and drive greater student satisfaction and graduation rates.​

Linius' technology is a game-changer for student-centric universities and K-12 educators striving to deliver a more personalized style of teaching, that enriches both teaching and learning experience, and drives greater satisfaction for students. It’s all made possible with Whizzard. 

Whizzard allows educators and students to search down to the millisecond for what was said and seen in recorded video lessons and discipline-related video libraries, to then quickly compile video snippets into new playlists to review, prepare for assessments, and share. Whizzard supports student assessment, research, investigation, ideas integration, and revision.

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Use cases
Meet Sam, As an Educator I can
  • automate the creation of personalisedvideo playlists according to learnerattributes, to support more personalisedlearning.
  • instantaneously access precise learningmoments across multiple videos to supportstudents in achieving specific learningoutcomes.
  • use video search and compilationtools to develop students’ meta-cognitive skills, specifically theirresearch skills to support moredivergent pedagogies across mycampus.
  • set access rights for student videosearch so that certain videos can besearched, and others cannot.
  • rely upon the Linius team to manage theautomated transcription and per-frameindexing of our university’s video collection,so that students and lecturers can search atthe powerful clip level.
  • offer all students and educators the ability tosearch text and faces contained in videoframes, to unlock new levels of video micro-searchability.
  • create a sharable video compilationlinks on the fly so as to assiststudents in real-time learningsettings.
  • make 250,000 videos across myuniversity fully searchable at the per-frame level, to provide a userexperience that is far superior toexisting asset level metadata searches(topic, lecturer name and date).
  • create video playlists for targetedinstruction, student guidance, for studentassessment and for student revision, so that Ican afford students levels of learner agencycommensurate with their level of courseunderstanding.
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Meet Taylor, As a student I can
  • search video moments with the same speed and granularity as searching for text and images on Google, so I am liberated in a world of video-based learning.
  • search for granular information segments within videos, so I do not need to waste lots of time finding specific content.
  • instantly create, consume and share multi-video compilations on a specific concept, so that I can validate my learning and ideas from multiple sources.
  • access the more complete context of a targeted video segment, so that my learning is more rounded.
  • follow other students and access their playlists, so that students in a sense learn from one another.
  • add new video clip segments to playlists, to refresh my learning and knowledge of wider information sources.
  • instantly review videos that explain the workings of specific past assessment questions and materials so I can master concepts.
  • select favourite segments of lessons and instructional video so as to build a portfolio of key learning resources.
  • search and instantly access video moments related to a specific lecturer or lecturers in relation to a specific concept or granular context, so that I can study, review and prepare for assessments more efficiently.
  • access the most relevant segments of the most relevant videos, so that I can be confident of the efficacy of the video content I am consuming and relying upon.
  • create video playlist according to sophisticated search parameters so as to develop and demonstrate my metacognition, specifically research skills.
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Meet Edward, Media Manager

As a Media Manager, I can perform sentiment analysis, comparing coverage across multiple news networks to determine media bias with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and detail, sharing video compilations with students as research evidence, so as to provide students a real-world learning experience.

Meet Kylie, Digital Learning Designer and CIO

As a Digital Learning Designer or CIO, I can request a tailored Linius pilot implementation plan to prioritise use case, scope, get buy-in and evaluate outcomes within a fixed, accessible budget.

Meet Chantelle, MOOC Course Designer

As a MOOC Course Designer, I can provide tailored video playlists to support formal, informal, undergraduate, and postgraduate course offerings to build reach and student engagement.

Meet Barry, Video Content Manager

As a Video Content Manager, I can curate video archives to produce playlists that feature specific themes, concepts, and anniversaries, enhancing the value and accessibility of vast video archives.

Meet Brendan, Campus Analyst

As a Campus Analyst, I can access real-time analytics reports (Google Analytics API and native Linius data) on usage, playlist creation, metadata, and the most popular videos and playlists, to obtain insights into student engagement, learning, and course pedagogies.

Meet Michael, Provost and Learning Strategy Leader

As Provost, I can enable course designers and managers to curate prescribed instructional video content and provide students the agency to search, curate, and share their own video playlists to strengthen their research skills and assignment work.

Meet Michelle, Digital Learning Leader

As a Digital Learning Leader, I can ascertain the most valuable videos and the elements of the most valuable videos at a frame level, per lecture, unit, course, faculty, and/or overall. I can drive students to targeted video content at multiple instances of learning — core instruction, research skills development, student discussion and exposition, personalised learning, and intervention.

Meet Suzy, Business Manager

As a Business Manager, I can work with the Linius team to enable video search within a faculty/subject or across the data lake of several or all faculties, to maximise the utility of our institution's video estate.

Meet Jackie, a nursing student

Jackie’s preparing for her final exams. Administering medication was discussed throughout the course, and Jackie knows she’ll be tested on it. With Linius, she can instantly search across her university’s entire catalogue of recorded lectures for mentions of ‘required dosage’. Relevant clips are automatically stitched together on-the-fly, delivered as one custom video. Jackie can prepare with confidence – minus the stress and all-nighters.

Meet Ken, a Physics Professor

Ken knows that some of his students are struggling with Projectile Motion and Relative Velocity concepts. But, he also knows a colleague of his delivered an excellent series of lectures a few years ago. Using Linius’ video virtualization and search technology, Ken immediately finds and compiles related video snippets. He shares the custom compilation with selected students. Ken, and they, can now breathe a little easier.

Meet Allan, a Student Acquisition Coordinator

Before Linius, Allan spent days manually scouring over 10,000 hours of footage every week. Now, he programmatically searches across many video archives, instantly pinpointing the faces, places and scenes he needs. In minutes, he’s sent out custom videos to high achieving applicants: Great solos from top-performing music students go to aspiring musicians, footage of study clubs to parents, and highlights from mock-trials to law applicants.

Amy and Shaun, University academics

Amy is lead on a top cancer research program at her university, while Shaun is head of media studies. Amy needs to compile and review videos on subject behavioral traits after treatments and compare against similar archival footage. With Linius, she performs the same analysis in less than half the time, reduces costs and is closer to a cure. Meanwhile, Shaun performs sentiment analysis – comparing coverage of Joe Biden across multiple news networks to determine media bias – with unparalleled speed, accuracy and detail.

What are 
the benefits?
Linius’ world first video virtualization technology is revolutionizing how educators and students engage with their video libraries and get more out of their course content.​
Support the delivery of student-centric education
Support the delivery of student-centric education
Drive student agency and enrich their learning experience by providing students with the ability to learn how and when they want, on their terms and in their own time.
Increase student engagement and satisfaction ​
Increase student engagement and satisfaction ​
In a matter of seconds, students and educators can surface topics spoken in a video lecture opposed to trawling through notes, add to their own playlists and then share with students or other colleagues.​
Increase student retention and graduation rates ​
Increase student retention and graduation rates ​
The ability to access course content and information faster for research, study and exam prep, delivers better grades fall year round.​
Integrate with your current Video Capture Platforms
Integrate with your current Video Capture Platforms
Linius integrates with Panopto, Echo360 and Zoom Collaborate amongst other video capture platforms including Zoom, Webex Meetings and Microsoft Teams.​
Work within your preferred Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Work within your preferred Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Linius integrates with Canvas (Elussian), Blackboard, Schoology, Schoolbox and more, meaning you don’t need to leave your preferred platform to use the technology.​
Our partners 
in Education​
Linius partners with the world’s biggest cloud services providers and can integrate with the industry’s best learning management systems (LMS’s) and data capture platforms.
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