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The Linius Video Services (LVS) Platform is at the core of every Linius personalized video implementation.​ LVS contains a suite of tools that enable our clients and partners to manage vast libraries of virtualized videos and related metadata​, and dynamically generate and deliver personalized video content.

LVS complements Linius’ Video Virtualization EngineTM with an innovative method for ingesting and storing content metadata from multiple data sources. This enables our clients to discover, enrich and personalize videos.

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Use cases
Meet Thomas, a Video Production Engineer

Thomas produces daily content for a major broadcaster and its multiple related streaming apps. This content includes 5-minute “This Day in Sports History” and “Sports Time Machine” daily featurettes which draw from footage archives. Content selection for daily featurettes is influenced by recent events, so production must often be completed within a very narrow window of time and Thomas needs to dramatically reduce the production time. Using LVS, Thomas can build an automated workflow that automatically locates, collects, and distils an initial set of clips for review from the video archives that match the day’s theme and enable him to edit and sequence clips without spending time downloading, converting, or importing assets into an offline editor. Thomas can instantly publish the featurette and make instant updates based on users’ feedback.

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Meet Sara, a Lead Software Engineer

Sara works for a Digital Business Solutions company, and the applications that she and her team build include several different video services that pull content from the vast video archives. Because Sara is responsible for so many different channels and applications, she needs as much uniformity as possible in how video is stored, queried, and delivered, so that video applications can be rapidly deployed and easily supported. She does not have the time or resources to develop bespoke tools for selecting & sequencing clips, and/or applying business rules. She is resource conscious and would benefit from as much “pre-built” functionality as possible. LVS provides a broad toolset that enable Sara and her team to rapidly deploy new video apps/services that are based on a solid, shared foundation.

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Meet Mike, a Video Archivist

Mike works for a major Broadcaster and Sports Footage Group, and is responsible for managing their digitized video archive which contains over 50,000 hours of televised content from the past 4 decades. His primary responsibility is fulfilling requests and orders for licensed footage which is currently a very manual, multi-step process of researching, retrieving, and delivering the licensed content. Using LVS-based solutions, Mike can power an automated, self-service footage request and fulfillment workflow, and instantly find the most valuable moments for licensing.

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What are 
the benefits?
Linius is re-defining video-rich markets across the globe and transforming the way the world watches video. LVS enables our clients to do the same; to enrich, discover and personalize their own videos.
Enrich the data with world-leading AI tools
Enrich the data with world-leading AI tools
With LVS users can Import any pre-existing video catalogue files and metadata from multiple sources including different content management systems; create face models for notable personalities using existing headshots or portraits; use integrated AI scans to transcribe speech, recognize and capture on-screen text; and use Machine Learning to automatically classify and tag content through related words, phrases and names.
Discover your content down to an i-frame level
Discover your content down to an i-frame level
With LVS, users can create a centralized virtual video archive which enables all asset metadata to be centralized, managed, browsed and queried from a single location, group related videos and analyze source assets to determine format and quality, en masse. Users can build workflows that automatically detect and virtualize new assets when they become available, and determine where cross-platform media (e.g. HLS) already exists.
Personalize and deliver customized experiences
Personalize and deliver customized experiences
With LVS, our customers can use a single engine for selecting and sequencing clips based on user preferences across all video apps, for a variety of different personalized video (e.g. building playlists). Users can build an automated workflow that automatically locates, collects, and distils an initial set of clips for review from the video archives, and automatically omits videos that cannot be licensed due to rights issues, for example.
Our partners 
in LVS
Linius is cloud and AI agnostic. We partner and work with the best providers in the world.
Hear from the people we work with, including Steve O'Meara, our Partner at Swanbay TV, Glynn Beaumont, our partner at Hemisphere and Systems Integrator of Linius' technology, and Matt Hill, our valued client at
Steve O’Meara
CEO Swanbay
We have invested £2m+ developing a suite of video & engagement services which all sit on our Global Content Distribution Platform (GCDP). Integrating Linius Video Services (LVS) into our offerings provides the WOW factor to our platform. Only Linius can deliver the personalisation of video we require.
Glyn Beaumont
Managing Director, Hemisphere
If a customer is using online video, then Linius is going to turn that on its head and allow them to do things they never thought possible. We are finding uses for it in all of our verticals, and across the entire video ecosystem from the preparation phase of creating content, through to its on-screen delivery.
Matthew Hill
Head of Product & Vision,
We are excited about the future possibilities with Linius and our product roadmap, particularly with the innovation and improved video experiences that we can bring to digital customers and partners. Our further investment in Linius technology has helped give us the opportunity to provide an even better user experience for our customers.
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