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Create personalized sporting experiences fans will pay for again and again.

Linius brings audiences closer to their favourite athletes, players, tournaments, teams and leagues through the power of its Video Virtualization Engine (VVE); the world’s first and globally patented, data-driven video technology. ​

Sports teams, leagues and broadcasters are going to extreme lengths to enrich the fan’s experience and ultimately drive deeper viewer engagement, with video.

Yet never in the history of sports consumption, has a fan dictated the exact content they wish to stream, by setting their unique preferences and choosing their own content in​ their own curated sports channel, that is updated each time they log in to their uniquely tailored preferences.

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Use cases
Meet Nick, a Sports Enthusiast

Nick's a fan of many sports and is known as a sports channel surfer and app hopper. But not anymore! One of his sports networks has just launched Linius' Personalized Channels, enabling him to search across the broadcaster's entire video library, creating his own hyper-personalized sports feeds.

Meet Lisa, a Video Production Engineer

Lisa works in video production at a major broadcaster. She is creating a Ronaldo documentary and wants to search the archive for moments where his teammates did not celebrate his goals with him. This type of task used to take days. Now, it takes minutes. Lisa dynamically searches across multiple video streams or catalogues, stitching together relevant clips on-the-fly, to produce a completely customized video.

Meet Jeffrey, a Head of Content

Jeffrey is Head of Content at a large cable sports network. With Linius, he knows precisely what each viewer has been watching, down to an iframe level, and adjusts programming accordingly. Jeffrey’s well-informed programming decisions boost ratings, subscriber numbers and revenue.

What are 
the benefits?
Linius’ world first video virtualization technology is revolutionizing how sports teams, leagues and broadcasters attract and engage more viewers.
Engage and 
attract more viewers
Boost audience numbers and keep them coming back for more, with their own personalized TV channel. Place the fans in command of the action, and empower viewers to independently curate and watch their own highlights packages on-the-fly. ​
Drive subscription revenue
Develop new subscription and revenue models. Research shows 96% of sports fans want personalized channels, and would pay a significant increase in subscription fees to have their own.*​
Decrease churn ​
When it comes to watching sport, consumers are spoiled for choice. Keep people watching your content within their own personalized channel. 77% of sports fans said they would stay with their current broadcaster, if they were to offer personalized sports channels.*​
Attain granular 
audience insights ​
Know who is watching exactly what and when. Match AI, behavioural and granular consumption data to achieve unparalleled audience analytics, segmentation, targeting and engagement. ​
Increase sponsorship 
and advertising​
Offer broadcast sponsors and advertisers the ability to reach viewers by delivering hyper-targeted ad space and leveraging granular audience insights, with personalized content and promotions. ​
* Quantum Market Research Report 2019. Email for a copy of the full report.
Our partners 
in Sports​
Linius partners with the world’s best sports data providers, computing science and re-sellers of our tech.​
Case studies
Linius’ personalized sports solutions increase viewer engagement meaning fans and subscribers spend less time searching for what they want to watch, instead spending more time watching your content.
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