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Drive deeper viewer engagement of 
your sports content and maximise revenues.

If you’re a digital rights holder of sports content, you can now monetize that content instantly by providing your fans with a personalized sporting experience, with the Linius Sports FX Widget. 

Linius Video Services (LVS) securely accesses your content and data to provide an HTML widget that can be embedded seamlessly into your web content management system, allowing your fans to re-live any moment from any game.

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Re-live any moment from any player, game, tournament or season with the Linius Sports FX Widget.
What is the
Sports FX Widget?
The Linius Sports FX Widget is powered by Linius’ Video Virtualization Engine™ utilizing our virtual discovery and enrichment process.


The Linius Sports FX Widget is a simple out-of-the-box HTML UI that can be embedded into any digital channel without the need to build third party integrations or disrupting your existing media workflows or roadmaps. The widget is simply placed on any webpage and is fully responsive to all web enabled devices.

Fans can search for any available moment from the entire catalogue and watch it instantly.

Example 1:  “Show me goals from the last time Chelsea played Manchester United

Example 2:  “I want to see Harry Kane‘s goals from all games from season 2019.”

Example 3:  “I want to see all the penalty shootouts of Man United from all games from season 2020.”

Example 4:  “I want to see Harry Kane‘s goals from a particular game from season 2019”


Often solutions requires multiple layers of integration, for example content and data from different sources. Linius’ virtual discovery and enrichment processes take that pain away and provide a single API layer for the GUI to interact. We run the content through our video virtualization and data enrichment process which in turn, converts entire video catalogues into virtual video “big-data”.


The Linius Sports FX Widget is free of charge to implement. If you’re a digital rights holder of sports content and have that content time stamped, this solution can be implemented at no cost. Linius’ pricing is based purely on SaaS consumption, so dependent on take-up of the service. These SaaS charges are as per the Linius rate-card.
Our Sports FX
Widget Partners
Linius partners with the world’s best sports data providers, computing science and re-sellers of our tech.​

We chose to partner with AWS, Stats Perform and Slalom in the development and delivery of the Linius Sports FX Widget.
Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Free to join, pay only for what you use.
Stats Perform harnesses the true power of sports data by leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence to generate the industry’s richest insights.
Slalom is a modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation.
Case studies
Linius’ personalized sports solutions increases viewer engagement for our clients. Read more about how our clients, the Australian National Basketball League (NBL) and have successfully deployed Linius Video Services.
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