Exploring your Whizzard Video Library
Linius Whizzard enables your team to make the most of your online collaboration by connecting to your zoom account and building a single searchable, personalizable library of recorded meetings, webinars, presentations, and lectures.

Follow these steps to get your team started with Linius Whizzard.

1 - Register a new Linius Whizzard organization and Admin User account

  • Go to linius.com and click the “Create Account” link at the top of the screen.
  • Complete the “Create your Account” form with your company name, and the email & password you want to use for your Admin User  (You will be able to add additional Admin Users later.)
  • Check your inbox for your confirmation email with the subject line “Activate your Whizzard Services account” and click the activation link to complete your account registration.
    • If you can’t find this email, be sure to check your junk/spam mail box for an email from “noreply@gmail.com”.'
2 - Invite your teammates
  • Log into linius.com with you Admin User account, and click the “cog” icon in the main navigation to access the Admin Console.
  • In the Admin Console’s User Manager screen, click the “Invite user” button and then enter your teammate’s email address at the bottom of the user list. (Repeat these steps to add all of your teammates).
  • Your teammates will:
    • receive a confirmation email with a temporary password and a link to complete their registration. (If they cannot find this email, please advise them to check their junk/spam box for an email from “noreply@linius.com” with the subject line “You’re invited to join Whizzard!”)
    • be prompted to create a new password after they log in for the first time.
    • You can monitor the status of your teammates registration by checking the “Verified” column on the user manager.
3 - Connect your zoom account
  • In the Admin Console’s “Integrations” screen, click the “Link Account” button next to the Zoom icon.
  • Follow the prompts to enter admin credentials credentials and authorize Whizzard to import your meeting recordings.

Please note: To import video from a Zoom cloud account…

  • You must enter ZOOM ADMIN credentials in the set-up. (The email address may be different from the email address you use for your Whizzard Admin login).
  • Your Zoom cloud account must be associated with a paid plan (free Zoom accounts do not support recording).
  • One Zoom account authorization has finished, a “linked” label will appear next to the Zoom icon in the Admin Console.

4 - Set Recording Import Rules

Once you have linked your Zoom account, you’ll need to indicate which users' recordings you want to import.

      • In the Admin Console’s Integrations screen, click the “Manage” link next to the Zoom Icon to open the Zoom Imports Manager
  • In the menu at the top of this screen, select whether you’d like to import recordings from ALL users or only specified INDIVIDUAL users.
  • If you select “Import Individual Users”, check the specific users whose recordings you want to import.
    For each user:
    • Specify the date of the earliest recording you want to import.
    • Choose to import all future recordings for a specific user by clicking the “∞”
  • Once you have set your content import preferences, click the “Save & Process” button to begin content import.

Exploring your Whizzard Video Library

You can perform a keyword search of your videos' transcripts, and filter your results by specific date ranges and video categories/labels.

Refining your search You can refine your search through the following options.
Refine by Recording date Indicate range:
  • Today
  • Last 14 Days
  • Last Month
  • Custom Range
Refine by Presenter Name Enter name of the person who organized the meeting/webinar (as in Zoom recordings) or presented the lesson/lecture.
Refine by Topic Enter keyword for topic (i.e. the subject of a meeting or lecture.) Please note: Topic labels may not be available for all recordings.
Exact Match By default, Whizzard search will match your keywords to related words and phrases (e.g. plurals, regional spellings, likely misspellings). Select “Exact Match” to omit these types of partial matches from your results.
Reviewing your search search results
  • Click the “Play all” button at the top of the screen to assemble and play a clip result summary.
  • Click the “player” icon next to search result to cue that clip within Full Video mode.
  • Use the Clip Navigator control at the bottom of the screen to jump between different clips in the assembly.

Playing back an entire video
Click the “player” icon next to a search result to cue that clip within Full Video mode.

Sharing a full video
In Full Video mode, click the “share” button next to the video title to copy the video’s URL to your clipboard.

Using Whizzard Playlists

The Whizzard Playlist is a multi-functional tool for creating custom video compilations and sharing them with your teammates, for such uses as:

  • meeting summaries
  • study aids
  • internal training materials
  • product demonstrations

…and any other situation where you want to select and sequence important moments in your videos.
Compiling a playlist

  • Click the “+” icon next to each search result to add that clip to a playlist.
  • In the playlist selection dialogue box, choose which playlists you’d like to add the clip to.
    • select one or more existing playlists
    • select “New Playlist” and enter a new playlist name.

Adding a CUSTOM clip to a playlist
Before you add a search result to a playlist, you can change where the clip starts or ends (to show more or less of the original video) by clicking the “split” icon to open the Clip Editor tool.

In the Clip Editor, use the zoom control and slider controls to find the right moment within your video, and drag the handles within the timeline controls to adjust the clip start & end timecodes.

Viewing your playlist collections
To open your Playlist collections, click the “list” icon in the navigation bar.

Your playlists are organized in two sets:

  • My Playlists: The playlists that you have created.
  • Shared Playlists: Playlists that your teammates have created and have chosen to share.

Next to each playlist name:

  • click the arrow icon to expand the clip list
  • click play icon to load Playlist View Mode.
  • click the “pencil” icon to edit Playlist name.
Viewing and Updating Playlist
  • Click the “Play All” button to play the entire playlist, from beginning to end
  • Use the clip navigator at the bottom of the screen to cue specific clips.
  • Click the red icon to remove a clip from the Playlist.

Sharing a Playlist
In Playlist View mode, click the “share” icon to the right of the playlist name to copy its URL to your clipboard.


To disconnect Whizzard from your Zoom Account, delete all imported content, stop ongoing imports, and delete all related recording metadata…

  • Click the “Cog” icon in the left navigation bar to go to the Admin Console.
  • Click the “integrations” tab, and then click the “Disconnect” link next to the Zoom icon.

How are Whizzard Accounts organized?

You and your teammates will:

  • each has your own personal login, associated with your own email address.
  • be associated with a single Organization Account is the basis of your shared video library.
  • be assigned either a StandardUser role or Admin User role (which enables you to connect cloud accounts, change billing settings, and add users).

Where do I change my Whizzard account settings?
You can use Admin Console to make most changes to your Organization Account (e.g. connecting to cloud recording services, changing your subscription, updating billing address, etc).

To access the Admin Console, log into Whizzard as an Admin User and click the “cog” icon in the main navigation to access the Admin Console.

What should I do if I can’t log into my Whizzard account?
If you’ve forgotten your password, or are otherwise unable to log into Whizzard, click the “Trouble Logging” link on the login page.

How do I log out of my Whizzard Account?
To log out of Whizzard, click the circle in the navigation and click “Log out”.


When do I need to update my Zoom integration settings in Whizzard and how do I do it?
You will need to update your cloud recording settings in Whizzard when:

  • there has been a change to the login credentials for your connected Zoom account (e.g. you’ve changed the email address or reset the password that you use to log into Zoom meetings).
  • you want to disconnect Zoom accounts to stop Whizzard from importing new recordings.
  • you want Whizzard to use a different account for importing videos.

To update your Zoom or settings in Whizzard, go to the Admin Console, click the “Manage Integrations” button next to the relevant service, and follow the prompts to change your login credentials.

If I update my cloud recording settings, what happens to the videos that Whizzard has already imported?
Currently, any updates you make to your cloud recordings settings will only apply to new meeting recordings. Recordings that Whizzard has already imported into your Video Library will not be affected.

How long does it take for cloud recordings to appear within Whizzard?
Please be patient during the initial import process. If you're storing a large volume of content within your cloud accounts, it may take a few hours for all of it to appear within your Whizzard video library.

Import time for new meeting recordings will vary according to their duration and quality settings. In most cases, new meeting recordings will appear in Whizzard within a couple of hours after being processed by Zoom.

Who can view the videos in my Whizzard Organization Account?
Only registered users within your Whizzard Organization account can see your recordings or playlists.

Please note: Currently, access to your Zoom recordings in Whizzard does not reflect who attended or was invited to the original meetings, nor permissions granted within to Zoom’s own cloud recording manager. All users associated with your Organization Account have access to view any video that has been imported into your Organization’s Whizzard video library.

What happens if I delete or change a cloud recording within the Zoom user interface?
Currently, if you delete, rename, or change permissions for a cloud recording directly within the Zoom interface, those changes will not be reflected within Whizzard after that video has been imported.

Can I delete or rename an imported meeting recording in Whizzard?
Currently, you cannot delete or rename a meeting recording in Whizzard. These capabilities are planned for future releases. In the meantime, you can customize video presentations by compiling playlists and editing clip durations.

Why aren’t my meeting recordings appearing within my Whizzard video library?
There are several reasons why specific meeting recordings may not appear within your Whizzard library:

  • Zoom has not finished processing your video.
  • Whizzard is still importing your video (allow up to 4 hours for new videos to appear within Whizzard).
  • The Zoom account credentials that you’ve provided to Whizzard are no longer valid (e.g. the password has changed or expired).

To avoid interruption to the recording import process, be sure to keep Zoom credentials up-to-date in Whizzard’s Admin Console.

How much does Whizzard cost?
Whizzard is available as a 7-day free trial, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan.

Subscribe to a standard plan* for only $4 per user per month and purchase one of the following data packs to import*.

Data Pack 
1,000 minutes$50
5,000 minutes$250
10,000 minutes$490
50,000 minutes$2,470
100,000 minutes$4,970
Datapack minutes include audio transcription and additional searchable metadata. Please contact us for enterprise pricing.
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