Engineering Intelligent Content

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It’s time for smarter streaming.

It’s time for intelligent content.

Linius’ patented Video Virtualization EngineTM converts cumbersome, static legacy video into agile, interactive, virtual video. Creating that virtual video file is like splitting the atom of traditional video, unleashing the tremendous potential locked within. With that virtual file in hand, you can access its digital DNA on a molecular level to tag, index, parse, splice, manage and manipulate its video content on the fly, in transit between source and screen — transforming static video into what we call intelligent content.

3 steps to disruption

Driven by our Video Virtualization EngineTM, the process for any application of our technology consists of a simple, automated 3-step process that can be applied to any video content.

Step 1

Automatically unlock, expose and index the digital DNA code within a video file and create a virtual video

Step 2

Programmatically extract, splice, merge and manipulate video content in transit to its destination

Step 3

Re-assemble the video file instantaneously at its destination

The resulting virtual file allows the unparalleled ability to manipulate content in order to achieve numerous goals that can disrupt any industry leveraging video content.

Our Video Virtualization EngineTM integrates seamlessly into your existing software and workflows, adding the innovation you need to take your world by storm.  From personalised TV advertising to enhanced search, security, and piracy protection,  explore our solutions to see how intelligent content can help you disrupt your industry.

Linius Solutions

Personalised Advertising

For the first time ever, traditional broadcasters like cable TV providers can deliver hyper-personalized content and custom, targeted advertising just like the Internet.

Security & Surveillance

In this time of extreme security threats, Linius lets you leverage enhanced security and video surveillance.


Linius allows you to deliver a personalised virtual file of any video content instead of the physical source file. Our VVE locks down your intellectual property and locks out pirates.


Linius provides unprecedented insight and transparency by allowing individual scenes within those video files to be indexed and searched, just like text pages are today.