Whizzard Captivate​

Whizzard Captivate increases fan engagement by allowing all fans (casual to die hard) to search for, play and share the content they seek.​

Experience the key benefits

Monetise the entire archive

Effectively monetize your content archive using various models such as advertising, sponsorship, or subscription, ensuring maximum revenue generation

Increased video engagement metrics

Drive heightened fan engagement improving video engagement metrics such as increased views, shares, likes, and overall interaction with your content.

Automated content curation & personalization

Deliver tailored experiences to fans effortlessly, and amplify user satisfaction and engagement.


Ready to use UI

Off the shelf seamlessly embeddable UI that can be themed and configured to your branding guidelines

Whizzard Captivate SDK

Customers can utilise our SDKs and use all the available toolsets to build Whizzard Captivate natively

Unleash the value of your video.

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