Linius Video Services APIs

Scalable: Scale to thousands of new assets every day.​
Robust: Handle concurrent API calls for feature-rich applications for high-traffic events.​
Flexible: Wide array of options for organising/importing/applying video metadata and business rules.​

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Video Discovery and Asset management APIs​

Scans new videos, creating a framework for storing frame-level content metadata (i.e. ultra-granular information about what’s in each video) without moving or modifying the master files.​

Enrichment APIs​

Ingests data from multiple sources and builds layers of indexed, searchable clips for ingestion into our searchable media database.​

Search APIs

Dynamically select & sequence clips based on search terms and user preferences​

Assembly APIs

Relevant clips are INSTANTLY sequenced (no rendering time required) to generate streams containing the relevant content dynamically. ​

Experience the key benefits

Scalable Content Handling

Effortlessly handle large volumes of new assets daily, ensuring seamless scalability as your archive grows.

Robust Performance

Ensure smooth operation under heavy loads, allowing your applications to perform reliably even during peak traffic events.

Flexible Workflow Customization

Tailor your video management workflow to suit your specific needs, offering a wide range of options for organizing, importing, and applying metadata and business rules.

Simplified Custom Solution Development

Empower developers to easily build custom solutions and applications with our comprehensive suite of APIs, supported by API documentation and user-friendly toolsets, enabling efficient development and integration processes.

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