Case Study: Peach Belt Conference

PBC implemented Linius Whizzard and Whizzard Highlights to enhance fan/alumni engagement. PBC can now create and publish significantly more video to meet the demand from schools, students, alumni and fans.

Sample automated highlights video created from Whizzard Highlights:

Content includes:

  • Automated highlight videos for every men’s and women’s basketball game.
  • Curated videos like “Player of the week” and “Top plays of the week”.
Publishing such videos was simply not possible before due to the time, effort, and resources required. PBC and university staff can now create and publish videos in minutes that would previously take hours or days.

Videos are monetised via sponsorship/advertising.
“For the first time, we are able to quickly publish highlight videos to augment the live and VOD streaming capabilities on the PBC Sports Network. Whizzard allows member schools and teams to search, curate and publish videos to meet their individual needs, including season recaps, player spotlights, and more. This has greatly increased engagement from our fans and allows us to monetize the video via sponsorship."
PBC Commissioner
Dave Brunk

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